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Thread: How did I get so lucky?

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    Smile How did I get so lucky?

    I have to say ... when I first told my last boyfriend about my diapers, he kind of became a little more distant and we eventually broke up. My current boyfriend, who I've been seeing since November 2009 is just simply amazing.

    He's very easy-going, very calm and doesn't care that I wear! I started wearing 24/7 as an experiment to see what it is like and since, have found that I rather enjoy it. I was a bit surprised a few weeks ago when I woke up wet without knowing it happened, and it happened again last night.

    Anyway, back to the boyfriend ... he doesn't care what I do as long as I am true to him. He's even offered to change me occasionally.

    Basically just wanted to share that it IS possible to find someone that will accept you for you, no matter what so don't give up hope!

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    Wow, sounds awesome my friend.
    Eventually you do find someone who understands, I think everyone will. :L
    Sorta gives you faith in humanity again.

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    I never thought I would. I've been a DL for going on almost 20 years now (since I was 14). After having one long term relationship fail for other reasons but being told I was disgusting when I did open up and reveal it, then being pushed away for it, I gave up and was just ready to stay single for the rest of my life. The thing that was so hard during those relationships was that I never asked for my partner to interact with my "play."

    My current relationship is so much better on so many levels that when he offered to change me, it blew me away. I think I told him about them after we'd been seeing each other for 2 weeks and he didn't care at all. It just totally blew my mind. It really did kinda give a little faith back to humanity, like you said.

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