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    Default Hi, my introduction

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Dave (though some call me Stewie, its my nickname taken from my middle name which is Stuart). I'm from the Highlands of Scotland in the UK. I'm a 19 y/o male DL. I'm presently at uni doing a BA (Hons) Business degree, about to go into 2nd year.

    I'm hoping this isn't going to be a terrible introduction as I am no good at this sort of thing...

    My interests outside being a DL include computing and most IT things, figuring out what Linux is all about, watching TV (mostly 70s - 90s comedies and some kids tv like Pingu; gotta love that cute pengy-win!) going to the pub periodically, drinking coffee, listening to music (most electronica ranging from Goldfrapp, Berlin, Pet Shop Boys through to Peaches!), trying to remix said music but not doing too well at it!, science, yeah I suppose I'm a geek at the end of the day :P

    Inside my life as a DL my interests basically centre around wearing nappies to bed and during the day (but less often now its summer; too hot!). I happily pee (and quite often because of my coffee addiction :P ) and that's about it really. If you want to know any more then feel free to ask.


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    That's a much better introduction than some I've seen here.

    Anyway, welcome! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by skalboi90 View Post
    Hi thanks for the welcum
    I really hope you are screwing with us...

    That having been said, Welcome! We have more than our fair share of computer nerds, perhaps you'd be interested in joining the Linux Users Group? I think there is also a DJ group. If you are feeling really brave, why not join us in the Live Chat? Though, be warned, if you show up using mibbit, your geek cred will be gone.
    The server is and the channel is #adisc.

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    Hi again,

    Incidentally it is 10 months to the day since I first dabbled with Linux in all it's orange and brown glory (it's now purple and white/black after much pestering from the Ubbie community!). I'm not *too* knowledgeable in all its intricate workings and still periodically get the shudders when I see the word "terminal" but I suppose its because I do everything through the GUI (e.g. Nautilus) that for most needs the terminal is only ever used to install packages not in the repositories and to update the system (e.g. moving my laptop to KDE from GNOME). And I see that I am able to drone on and on and on and *shoves dummy in* That's better!

    Anyway back to the topic in hand :P

    I'm still finding my way around the site, so hopefully I'll be able to join some groups once I work out how to use everything etc.


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    Welcome to the site. Always nice to see another IT. There is a Linux group on ADISC you might enjoy.

    ADISC Linux User Group -

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    Cool thanks for the link; looks interesting. See there's the ol' KDE v GNOME debate there too; I fit both boxes as I have a KDE laptop and a GNOME netbook


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