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Thread: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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    Default Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    Anyone else dying to play this game?
    (go to Youtube for 1080p)

    I was worried they would come out with another Invisible War, but from what's been released so far, it's looking promising. In conclusion: implantable sunglasses.

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    I'm totally in. The first DX is like my most favorite game. DX2 did not live up to expectations in any way, but I still have high hopes for this one

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    I'm really excited for this game. The first Deus Ex is one of my favourite games of all time. Invisible War wasn't bad but it wasn't anywhere near as good as the first one. It really felt dumbed down compared to Deus Ex so I hope that gets fixed in Human Revolution.

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    I loved the first one mainly because the of the story, never played the second one because I heard it wasn't all that good. This one look like the story involves conspiracies like the first one did.

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    I'm looking forward to this game as well.
    I like the fact that it takes place before the events of the original Deus Ex.
    It is an excellent way of avoiding the events of Invisible War, and hopefully will give the franchise a chance to right it's self again.

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    That trailer was thoroughly disappointing. Not EVERYONE knows what this is, and if I didn't know any better I'd think it was a movie. I still have no idea if I'd like the game because it didn't show any gameplay.

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    Well we still dunno how the game is gonna play, this was just a very early trailer setting the tone for the game, and letting people know it's officially announced. I'm still excited because I liked the first one so much, but for those who've never played the original I could see that it would just be some action scenes and a vague idea of a setting. I think this was definitely to get people who were familiar with the originals excited.

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    Well, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal are making the game, so I have high hopes. Remember that DX1 and DX2 were created by totally separate groups at Ion Storm. I don't think there were any developers that worked on both. I'm a little disappointed by the trailer, though, no gameplay was shown, and the cut scenes kinda made it feel like Cysis, which I didn't care for.

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    I think there's some gameplay footage on IGN or something, but the game's not out for more than half a year, so I'm sure they're looking to introduce the story a bit, more than anything. I seem to remember Mass Effect's trailers not having gameplay either. Invisible War was okay, just much shallower than the first. It felt claustrophobic due to the tiny levels and constant loading thanks to the XBox's pathetic memory, and the universal ammunition was really stupid, but it had it's moments.

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