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Thread: Wow, I fit into goodnites!

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    Default Wow, I fit into goodnites!

    I am 5'9" roughly 230 lbs
    I am not 'fat' but chunky and muscular.
    My wife is petite and has a small frame. As I wrote in a previous post, she fits into the XL goodnites. I was surprised to just how big and stretchy they are. So last night, I was a little curious, and I squeezed into one just to see how well it would fit.
    I was surprised to see that it actually stretches enough to fit my frame!
    I had a little trouble shimmying it up my thighs, but once I got it to my hips,
    it fits a little snug and the elastic tore a bit on the sides but it holds. I do have a bit of plumbers crack though, but it is comfortable.

    I think everyone else should try goodnites and see if they fit you also.
    Has anyone else been surprised they fit into Goodnites too?

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    I discovered that they fit me this past weekend and have been thrilled since.

    5' 9"
    32-34 waist

    edit: I was sad when i tried baby dry size 6 and discovered that they fit around my waist but were too short.

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    5'7", 105 pounds. I'll fit properly, in the actual intended weight range, for another 20 pounds. 8D

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    I had a simular experience with good nights. Then I tried underjams, they are the same. Very stretchy and expanded to fit nicley.

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    The underjams sample we got was way to small for me, even the large size. My wife barely fit into it, but it did stretch nice. Underjam is a better design than even the goodnites, the padding is thicker and the stretchy is 'stretchier'
    Why does Underjams make such a small product anyway?

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    Alright, truth be told I bought a pack of the new Goodnites and instead of getting the L/XL ones, I accidentally bought the S/M ones. The funny thing is, I can actually fit those!! I was kinda shocked that I could because the sides didn't tear so I've been using them and they hold up really nicely. They hold one good wetting from me but they don't leak all that much (not like the older ones did). I'm actually surprised at what improvements they have made. I'd give them a 6.5 out of 10. Not the best, but they are better than the previous crappy batch they have put out. Also, they're much quieter than the older ones. I think Underjams may have a good competitor in this department.

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    i fit goodnites (this is stupid because they are designed for my age), theyr really fun to wear and really descreet, but the only prob is that they leek after 2,3 wettings not to mention that they dont hold poop (trust me iv tried pooping them, if you haven't then dont becuase it goes everywhere) sorry if too much info

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    The XL good nights are actually a little big on me, next time I'm in the mood for a basically one time use diaper I'm going to try a smaller size, I'm 105 lbs

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