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Thread: Pornography, is it art?

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    Default Pornography, is it art?

    Gool Ol' Dubya tried to teach us all that it wasn't, but I doubt many people on here are actually him.

    So what's your opinion on it?

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    depends if its tastefully done, as far as camera work and lighting goes.

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    This is completely subjective and although I find it completely ridiculous that Bush tried to say differently I'm not really surprised however he was kind of slow as far as my expectations go for how much of a dumbass your president is allowed to be before you draw the line.

    But in my opinion it's definitely an art, in fact pornography goes back centuries; although I don't remember his name, there was a monarch who had a huge fascination for paintings of naked women and would have them produced.

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    What's tasteful is subjective to culture. Porn is art. Art is media created to invoke a reaction from it's audience, whether it's joy, laughter, sorrow, anger, excitement, or in the case of porn arousal. Is all of it good art? Of course not. But not all movies, painting, sculptures, comics, or video games are good either.

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    Yup, it's art; I find it hilarious. ^.^

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    It can be... but but I find a lot of stuff on the net pushing the boundries of good taste and common sense lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    It can be... but but I find a lot of stuff on the net pushing the boundries of good taste and common sense lately.

    Art, because it's supposed to make sense.

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    I remember taking an Aesthetics class at Princeton and what we primarily studied and discussed was "what is art". Almost always the conclusion is subjective. What is good music and what is bad music? Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I tend to believe that pictures/paintings of the naked are either art or pornography, but not both. The question is, where is the line?

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    I'm not sure if tasteful is the best thing to decide if it is art or not. One of the responsibilities of art is to push boundaries. There are two sides of judging art. The first is the non subjective. Are the lines, shapes, colors, shades, textures, ext. arranged in a way that is ascetically pleasing? The second is the subjective. What emotions, thoughts, questions, ext. does the piece bring to the viewer?

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