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    I feel like I will be criticized for not making this a blog entry, but the truth is I don't use my blog and if you are the type who feel strongly enough to reply with "what am i supposed to say?" then simply hit the next thread link.

    Okay so to make this short, I have really two main sexual kinks, one based off the idea of being in the position of say a toddler but at the same time being who I am rather than a toddler. And then of course I have mild paraphilic infantilism. My question is; is the first one considered regression (paraphilic infantilism in essence) or is it just plain old DL? What makes it more perplexing is that, for lack of a better thought out terminology, I am emotionally invested in the first. By that I mean that I feel an altruistic sense of need for, and have some sort of affection for my paraphernalia (ie diapers, paci, clothes etc.)

    So basically I have sort of lost the envy of being little, and instead embrace the idea of being who I truly am, yet having the lifestyle of one who is little.

    I guess this must be a no-brainer for a lot of you but I always would put myself in the mindset of actually regressing. This new thought of no regression makes me so much more...excited >_> (I don't think I've ever twitched so much) and invested (sexually and asexually)! I now see how this is a stress reliever for a lot of you.

    If any significance can be derived from this it's that I felt my abdl or whatever it is (whole point of the thread so please clarify WHAT AM I? because I honestly don't know) was growing dull and I was loosing interest which is scary because it is my only sexual outlet. I guess without trying, I was conforming to what I see others fantasize about when conformity really ruins the sexual experience.

    Sorry if I repeat a lot or beat around the bush of what I'm trying to say, getting my thoughts into words is somewhat difficult.

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    AB or DL? or what? These are useful in a way, just as jumping off points, just as general indicators of types of interests. No one has them defined well enough that any large group of us fit either of them fully, or so that many of us are not both or neither. This is because the true nature of reality is not words, not concepts.

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