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Thread: Today's a sad day for me....

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    Default Today's a sad day for me....

    Today, one of the sub joints I frequent that is NOT Subway, is closing. I'm a bit down about it cause I used to love their Three-cheese sub, and their Chicken Ceasar Salad, and I loved their pizza, which they added last year- is closing today.

    I'm kinda sad to see a place which was my favorite hangover remedy get shut down cause of the economy and I am not happy to see people I know lose their jobs.

    This kinda depresses me.


    I'm drinking beer right now in a salute of what is closing and what once was... and what could have been. Oh well... Que Serra, Serra.... Life goes on. Lifts my bottle of Miller Lite, and takes a swig.

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    I used to go to a sandwich place that was part of a small chain around these parts and it got absorbed by 7-11. The extra cruel bit is that they attempted to maintain the ruse that they were still a functional sandwich place for a while but all their sandwiches were made ahead of time and weren't as good anyway. Perfectly good hangout ruined. It's sad to lose things but new stuff is out there waiting to be found. I'm looking forward to a second location of a great little restaurant opening up nearby that'll save me time and driving and put me at risk for gyro gluttony

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    Like you won't ever find another place to eat, and gorge yourself on cheese, one place closes another place opens.

    If the food was that good the place wouldn't have closed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post

    If the food was that good the place wouldn't have closed.
    There is a lot more to running a small business than just the quality of the food. It sounds like a very local place to me, it's very hard for those to keep running these days. It might not even be for economic reasons, since it is very odd for a sandwich shop to close during the summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    Like you won't ever find another place to eat, and gorge yourself on cheese, one place closes another place opens.

    If the food was that good the place wouldn't have closed.
    From personal experience there is no correlation between good food and a successful restaurant... Where I live, we have crappy joints thriving and awesome joints closing down. But in business (not just restaurants in general) having a good product is not even half the battle.

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    If you sell crappy food only a few people like you will not be in the restaurant game long, it takes good food and fair prices to stay in business long term.

    We had and still have a local sandwich shop in the town I used to live in, when the kid who runs it now took it over he killed the business, by cutting costs and serving cheaper stuff at higher prices, a once thriving family business doesn't do half the money his parents did.

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    Just because having crappy food can make a business suck, it definitely does not guarantee that restaurants with good food can make it successful.

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    I"m sorry to Hear that man. It always sucks to lose a favorite anything. Take solace though sir, It's these kinds of days, that are made for diapers. To throw on your most comfortable comforting attire, a diaper, and relax a little. Taking Joy where we few can find it.

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    I have to agree. I work for a shipping company in northern Minnesota. An we ship from North Dakota, Down into SD. Past the Twin city's, an even into 2 other state's, An all the way up to the Canada borders. An we ship to school, jail, fast food places like A&W, an mom an pop shops. But over the last few years Allot of stuff that we sold is being merged into company's like Pepsi. An other store's are just closing down.

    It really sucks, cause once 1 store close's. Then that less money that route bring's in, so we have to up are prices to make up for the gas loss, an all kinds of stuff. But if it keeps going the way it is, I'll be out of a job in like 10 years easy.

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