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    My name is Alyssa and I'm a 21 (22 in July!) year-old college student in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. When I'm not giving customers their medium number two without onions and tomatoes and a chocolate Frosty that they ordered, I'm nose-deep in a book reviewing stuff for the LSAT. Whoever said that college was fun was full of it, haha. Only a semester left until I'm done and can move on to... more school. Yay! :-/ I'm a senior finishing up my political science major and currently studying my butt off with the hopes of getting into law school. It's gonna be a long summer and I think that's (partially) what attracted me to a site like this.

    My history with diapers.... oh jeez... a part of me feels really weird doing this because no one (and I mean no one) knows I'm into this stuff. I think I realized I had a thing for diapers beyond necessity when I was around nine or so but it didn't really materialize until a few years later. I was one of those awesome kids that wet the bed until I was twelve and my parents' awesomely embarrassing solution was pull-ups. When I snapped out of that and finally got to know what it was like to wake up dry every morning, I think I felt like something was missing. It took me a bit to piece it together that it was the diapers themselves I liked. During my early teens, I'd sneak myself into my old left-over pull-ups once in a while when I was home alone just to try them on. I knew I was weird and felt isolated until I began to research this stuff online and found out that, holy crap, I'm not the lonely diaper girl I thought i was. I am still coming to terms with this whole thing even after the past couple years of wearing frequently. Since having a place of my own, I wear around my apartment frequently. Diapers have become a huge release for me. They're so comforting when I don't feel good or need a pickmeup. I've realized there's definitely something sexual attached to it, too, but I try not to think of it as a fetish in the same way as something gross like feet. If anything, it's a lot like smoking for me.

    I joined this site to connect to like-minded people. Even with support sites and the knowledge that there are thousands of infantilists in a lot of forms, I'm prolly never gonna come clean about it to anyone I know and would likely freak the heck out if anyone found out. But whatever, everyone is weird in someway.

    Sorry for the novella. I tend to ramble.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC.

    I know what you mean about absolutely no one knowing what you're into. But around here, it's all good. Yes, I do agree that everyone is weird in some way, and that's what makes like fun. So just be yourself and have fun.

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    Novella? On the contrary, quite a good introduction! Most people do just a, "Hi, I'm here." type of thing and nobody knows anything about them. It can be very hard to become friends with them or understand where they are coming from. But if you post a bit more about yourself, interests and hobbies, how you got into this, etc., people learn about you quickly!

    Welcome to ADISC! I know how rough college can be, I got married and had kids while finishing my engineering degree! Any surprise my bladder problems were trouble for me? I too was a child who had all sorts of wetting problems and the solution from parents was diapers (I'm old enough pull-ups weren't available). Between nighttime diapers and on and off diapers during the day, it's hard to remember times when diapers WEREN'T around.

    I've decided myself to forgo medications from urologists based on side effects and not chance surgery as the only option so far was exploratory surgery. I'll live in the diapers for now, thank you. I've decided to just make it as much fun as possible. I hope you get the support you need!


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    Welcome, sounds like you will fit in very well here. Lots of us don't want to come out for fear of rejection. But, I hope to meet (in person)someone local that feels the same way I do.

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    Hi Alyssa, welcome to ADISC.

    I'm also a law student, but I've gotten into law a little later in life. Oddly enough, I was also a political science major.

    I love novellas. Details are important when it comes to getting to know someone.

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    Welcome. I haven't done an introduction since getting a different username, but I'm an attorney a few years out of law school. I taught LSAT classes for a couple of years so if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

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    Hi Dietcokehead ( Alyssa ). Welcome to ADISC. That was an excellent introduction you posted. I am quite sure you will enjoy the time you spend here, and I look forward to reading your future posts.

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    Welcome aboard, we're a diverse community, each weird in our own way. I had a look at a buddy's practice LSAT stuff; looks dreadful. Good luck and enjoy your stay.

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    Hey Alyssa, welcome to ADISC! Don't worry about the novella of an intro, we like those. Certainly beats the "24/m/socal hit meh up" that we've been getting lately.

    Michigan eh? I looked at a university up there myself (Kettering) but eventually settled on RIT in New York... dunno what school you're at but college is definitely FUN. Yeah, of course, the work is annoying at least at the end of the semester, but you seem like the type that was ready for some independence by the time high school ended. I still find "no parents" to be the best part of college. Maybe it's the fact that my parents are nutcases, but I really really like not having to live with or talk to them.

    I feel bad for you if you've come from other AB/DL sites. Any girls that make it through a month of being on diaperspace or RUP have my sincerest commendation for your upstanding bravery against the merciless torrents of uncontrolled promiscuous young males.

    Political science and law school, eh? Are you planning to be a lawyer, politician or something else entirely? Best of luck with graduation.


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    Whoa, it's been a while. Life got crazy for a bit, had to go home for a little while to check on stuff, and then my computer got screwed up so I lost internet access for a while. Oh well. I'm back :-)

    ProphetPaw - Polisci seems to be the way to go for law. I got pushed to do it by an old high school teacher who regretted that he never followed up on it until his later years.

    coloradoj - wow, thanks for the offer! I will almost certainly take you up on that at some point here in the future.

    dannytheninja - I actually have a friend who went to Kettering for a while before transferring to Michigan St. My school is Central Michigan and the level of work I'm putting myself through has zapped any time I have for fun stuff. Everyone I know just drinks here, anyway, so it might be for the best that way lol. There's not much in this town, though. My dream is to get into Michigan's law program, but it's super selective so I don't think I'll make the cut. I'm interested in constitutional law, actually, but I dunno what the market there is for that. Right now the goal is more short-term: get into school; make up my mind then.

    And, UGH, don't remind me about other ABDL sites. The moment I let anyone know that I'm not a boy, creepers come out of the woodwork. If this forum is as cool as I think it is (and my lurking seems to support that ) I'm done with any other place, for sure.

    Thanks for the kind welcomes, everyone. I'll try to be more involved now that I have consistent access again ^_^

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