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Thread: Has being AB/TB/DL helped you succeed, in school, business life, or other areas of your life?

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    Default Has being AB/TB/DL helped you succeed, in school, business life, or other areas of your life?

    Babys and young children have been proven to be able to learn easier and quicker than older adults.

    Do teen/ adult babys have an edge? Why?

    Are we more open minded?

    Does the AB/ DL secret drive you to succeed?

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    Can't say that I could point to any differences. Those areas that appear to be unrelated to liking diapers haven't been affected by them.

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    I've met a couple of fellow AB's that have had great affect on my life. One is the entrepreneurial type, and has helped me get started on planning a business. A dude I met at a diaper meet gave me some great advice on investing, and most importantly my girlfriend is an AB. The best relationship I have ever been in, and the bonus of having a diaper-friendly girl. Life is good, and the diaper thing has been a nice fun 'hobby'.

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    I cannot put specific times or dates on it but i belive that it is true.

    When i am who i am not hiding who i am, i feel a sence of drive, passion, purpose.
    When i was padded i completed my brothers assignment(hehe... dont ask :P) in one night....

    For me it seams like my whole life seems to run smothly and for me xD

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    Diapers don't help me really, but regression often gives me a different perspective on my habits and patterns of thought that is quite valuable. Helps me figure out the difference between what I want egotistically, and what I actually need emotionally. Certainly, this has kept me from relapsing into depression. For example, even though hugging my bear doesn't replace human contact, it's still comforting.

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    Realising that diapers were what was missing from my life stopped me comfort eating and made me a happier person in general. So it has certainly helped my health, both mentally and physically.

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    No! It has made me feel awkward, and to be honest the idea that most of the world would not accept something that's so predominantly part of me is quite distressing for me.

    Of course my TB/DLism has made me feel happier, but I can't help but wondering whether without it I would be able to find the same feelings in normal things.

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    I would say yes. It got me my fiancee. She was ky mommy first and then became my gf then my fiancee. Without her I wouldnt be the same man. I also am thankful for this because I can use it to cope. Just recently there was an earthquke while mommy was staying over and I had never experienced one. After all that happened and everything was safe I regressed to cope with what had happened. My mommy took care of me and I went to bed in her arms. I felt safe in my house again.

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