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    What does every baby want more than anything but a puppy?!? I'm sure everybody else loves their doggies and kitty cats?

    Unfortunately, we lost our first dog, a male, Shadow, to cancer, at the age of 10 1/2 just a few days before Thanksgiving. We had him since he was a ten week old puppy, and he was an absolute sweetheart. We had a female, Freya, who we didn't want to leave by herself.

    We decided we needed another dog. A puppy! We got him a few weeks before we lost Shadow, and this is what he looked like then: "Shadow and Atlas with my little girl" or "Just Atlas stalking". He was three months old when we got him, typical puppy full of energy and clumsy as all get out. Weighed about thirty five pounds, which was a decent size! He's a Great Dane, uncropped ears, and is what is called the 'blue' color. Very pretty.

    He's grown a bit since then. He's about ten and a half months old right now. Boy has he gotten big! Here's a pic of him now: "Atlas playing outside". He's definitely a lot bigger!!! He has put on about a hundred pounds in weight (total 135#!) and he now stands 33 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder!

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    Aww... I'm sorry you lost a dog, I know how hard that can be. If it helps, I think there's a special place in heaven just for the animals we love. It's really awesome that you got a new puppy too!! That's so sweet!! I absolutely love playing with my dog when I'm little. Best part is, she never judges!!

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