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Thread: Ideas for cubbing out or a good old AB/TB time.

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    Default Ideas for cubbing out or a good old AB/TB time.

    So, here's what Kitsuno and I are discussing.
    We're planning a day of cubbing out once I move over to Texas in a few months with a few fellow babyfurs/DLs/Abs/Tbs that I know very well and have met in person.

    We're wondering about ideas for a play date. No DL stuff, just TB/AB/babyfur stuff. Nothing sexual whatsoever, and having a caretaker as well to change us and feed us and such.

    So here's my question:
    If you had a day to spend with a fellow babyfur/ab/tb or a few of them with a caretaker in real life, what would you do all day with them? (Please be clean and nothing sexual please)

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    I'd have a full blown party, with all of the normal elements of a successful event but simplified. If you just want to have a fun time with a few friends it is always best to keep it small and neatly organized (or not!). I assume each of these things is very important when hosting, I also assume that embarrassment won't be a problem:

    1) Food - I have never ever EVER heard of a party without foods; this may include Popcorn, Tropical Juices (: D), Fruit Dish, Kraft Dinner?, Pizza!, Muffins (preferably blueberry), Spaghetti is always yummy. Perhaps go a little further and create a little X-factor thing where each of you has to make a disgusting concoction of SAFE cooking ingredients and then you randomly choose who has to drink each beverage/food.

    2) Entertainment - This might include a movie, and if you are cubbing out you should watch any video from the Walt Disney Archives. If this is too calm for your liking may I suggest Fort Building or perhaps a trip to a local beach or playground. A little video games here and there can only be a positive influence on young furs, the team-work and mental stimulation of being the mastermind behind a special ops team; their only purpose to find George Bush and throw shoes at him or if they so desire steal his watches. My friends and I still enjoy a good game of tag every weekend when we can get together, maybe that is a good option depending on your personalities.

    Also, a party isn't a party if you don't turn on music; maybe try some old favorites that you haven't listened to for a long time or some childish songs that allow for upbeat activities (Kung Fu Fighting, I like to move it move it, etc.) and possibly break any ice that may still be present within your relationships. You could see who is the most daring with some sort of truth or dare contest, this may be embarrassing but a good old game of truth and dare has always kept my friends and I interested. Dancing and Karaoke could also be an interesting feature to any really amusing day, it is best when nobody involved has much talent and everybody is willing to laugh.

    3) Diaper/Baby/Child Activities - Perhaps you could think up some creative games to play with diapers, if they are plentiful you could see who can balance the best on a low, or high if that suits you, platform and try to walk across. or make it more extreme and play chicken using any soft weapons available. Diapers could also be involved in a truth or dare game if you so desire. Perhaps play a game of charades because that would simulate, roughly, the kind of struggle a toddler might have to get through.

    You might also decide to have a crawl or scooting race which could end with some hilarious results that I am sure will leave you all laughing (and eventually wetting). If there are any games you used to play as a kid this may be a time to bring them out of the closet, I have always been a fond admirer of Go go stop, British Bulldog (or any of the variations), What Time is it mr. Fox (the fox will then answer time for Lunch and chase down the lil' piggies [or whatever animal you happen to be]). If you have any board games such as monopoly that might be something fun to do (though cheating may be a problem with a bunch of youngsters). You could even just play some simple card games.

    I don't really know if this will help at all, but whatever! : P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roman View Post
    Kraft Dinner?
    You are SO Canadian.

    Roman covered everything D:

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    Sounds like you’re in for a fun time. If you’re going to be hanging around and watching movies stock up on snacks like popcorn and good fruits like watermelon and strawberries. Pudding is a definite must if you can have it I personally think the old fashion kind that you had to cook was the best ever. Just be prepared for a big mess if you are not careful.

    if you’re playing some of the older games I recommend getting one of those kits that you build and race marbles down I loved them as a kid along with games like guess who and battleship. You can always improvise too and of course when there’s nothing else to do build a fort and have a pretend war.

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    Rare Chance you have legos? ( now legos are in the message and the sig, now people will think I have some sort of obsession >.>)

    Large collection of various toys and action figures? set up a giant army... I vaguely remember the war I ended up having with my brother. well, just the giant fighting robot knocking over one of the "Tan" plastic army men tanks

    at the "build a fort" comment.

    if your couch has two L shaped cushions on either end, you separate those and set them upright ( so that the part that sticks out rests ontop of the arm )

    sandwich the 3rd "middle" cushion between them if it has one. Cover the top with blankets if you want.

    if your lucky, you might be able to make a perfect little tunnel-thing.


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    How about a nice game of kick the can? And when your tired and done ICE CREAM!!!
    Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe: Kids Craft Recipe: Ice Cream in a Can -
    Link is just first google hit, google further if interested.

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    pin the tail on the baby fur. Blind fold your selfs then pin a tail on your selfs. Use colors for the tails some green some red and so on use tape not a pin too sharp for a little fur.

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