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Thread: Thumb sucker/pacifier hypnosis

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    Default Thumb sucker/pacifier hypnosis

    Has anyone else tried the curse thumbsucking file from It basically says that you will need to suck your thumb or a pacifier to go to sleep. I've listened to it quite a lot and it hasn't made me not be able to sleep without sucking a dummy but it has made me want it a lot more. I find myself wanting it alot more when it gets closer to bed time . I've also listened to the magicpacifier file but I'm not too sure that I really want to be going around in public with a dummy in my mouth! Just wondered if anyone else has had any results from it. Thanks

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    I don't think most of the users here use the hypnosis tracks. I might be wrong, my information is based entirely around what people say.

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    I thought about using them, but I don't have the time alone at home to do so.

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    HAHAHA, I need not some hypnosis, however Id like to be with paci all the day. Really imposible.

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    The thing is that is a placebo effect. That means your brain thinks that you can't go to bed without either of those, and that is why. Hypnosis is always placebos.

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    YES, WE CAN !!! - but without me, enough with autocontrol and a still we dont know wtf is doing sometimes TV. I prefere be myself, without some hypnotic control.

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    I agree that it is probably a placebo effect because I don't really believe in that sort of thing but I thought I'd give it a try. It didn't cost anything so there was nothing to lose. A lot of what is suggested has no effect but since doing it I find I want it more. Something has happened and I agree that it is probably just my mind telling me.

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    Whether or no it is a placebo effect, if it works then be glad it works. Try to really convince yourself that this is really going to work for you and it just may. Just be careful not to throw away a lot of money on hypnosis cd's.

    I love the placebo effect! It can help you quit smoking, get out of depression or even save your life when no other medicine works. You gotta love old placebo.

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    But of what class of placebo were questioning ? Whats substituing paci ? It looks like wed like breasfeeded ? I had some oportunity to try it and may that made my paci addict harder. But a still I can live without it. The think is, that Ive actually no reason to stop. And vicious round is created. To cut it is important a diameter of it - bigger, worse. But I dont like suck my thumb, someone can tell me why "paci YES" and why not thumb ? If for some reason I cant reach for paci, So Im switched off my... addict ? As pressing alt+tab in windows ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kratos View Post
    The thing is that is a placebo effect. That means your brain thinks that you can't go to bed without either of those, and that is why. Hypnosis is always placebos.
    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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