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Thread: Noticed something on Jumpin Jammerz.

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    Default Noticed something on Jumpin Jammerz.

    They call this design, "Pink silly face". It is clearly Spongebob, but there is no mention of this at all. Are they allowed to do that? I would have thought Spongebob's face is copyrighted ...

    PiNk Silly FaCE - JumpinJammerz - Chenille Jammerz - Pajamas -

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    I would say it's just a look alike sponge bob, isn't sponge bob's color usually yellow, I'm sure anything with SB is suppose to be a licensed brand, just like if you buy something from GM it must be licensed by GM.

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    Maybe Nickolodeon dosen't know about it. Not sure. But I don't realy think that compleatly counts as sponge bob. But It defenatly looks like him. And a quick side note, i don't think it is nessesary for the woman in the photo to look like she wants you.

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    You know what? If Nickalodeon found out about this, they wouldn't be too thrilled. Sure, Jumpin Jammerz doesn't list Spongebob Squarepants as a part of their pajamas design, however, it's clearly Spongebob and they are profiting off his likeness. Not the wisest move on this business' part.

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    I just did a simple google search for "Spongebob faces" and this came up. The faces on the PJs are taken directly from existing Spongebob images. That can't be legal.

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    It can be legal if they change one small thing, and seeing SB is a different color, I think that would make it legal, unless they are a licensed user of SB's image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    It can be legal if they change one small thing, and seeing SB is a different color, I think that would make it legal, unless they are a licensed user of SB's image.
    Eh, not exactly. Jumpin Jammerz is usually an unmistakable likeness of Spongebob, meaning color won't change the legality of the situation.

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    I would say that Nickelodeon might not know about this, but they may as well as be concerned if they ever saw this. Clearly spongebob.

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    I think whoe ever owns the rights to sponge bob could sue jumpin Jammers if they wanted too, that's clearly spong bob's face on a pink sleeper
    I'm sure they didn't have permission to do that.

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    yes, it is very much legal, because they dont mention "spongebob" anywere, and the image differes enough to be considered a totally new piece of art, even if it is based on a spongebob face. It does not take much of a difference inorder for it to become new artwork, and since there is no sponge in the work, it is defently enough to make it totally different art, that wouldnt break any laws, but still look enough like spongebob for sales. It is the generic brand, so is probably much cheaper then if they used licenced spongebob. Go to the toy section of walmart once, and you will find many knockoffs/generics of most toys/characters

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