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Thread: Question about airforce and diapers?

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    Default Question about airforce and diapers?

    Im going into the airforce and want to wear diapers. After basic bootcwmp where will i live? Will people live near/with me? Will i be able to get supplies in and out of where i live with out being cought? Does the military moniter your purchases snd mail? Thanks SOOOO much for the help

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    Aehm ?
    I don't know much about military stuff to be honest (never bothered due to my incontinence)...
    however it will be a long time after bootcamp before you'll actually have your very private own place...
    also stuff sent to a military postal service would probably be checked by the staff there...
    But of course you should be able to leave the base when you're off-duty and go with a car and buy stuff and bring it back.

    I would quite consider the implications you might run into and a good bit of explaining you'd most likely have to do if you're found out.
    Consider that you could loose your job over such stuff - depending on your superiors and the situation.
    Consider that if you're exposed it could make life a lot more difficult.

    I mean it is no secret that the military (any branch) isn't exactly tolerant when it comes to being "different". Look at how silly they act over someone being gay... and I don't see why a gay guy couldn't shoot a weapon or fly a fighter jet plane just as good as a straight dude. but they have a "don't ask don't tell" policy...
    Bedwetting is also a problem (... and diapers would be one too... )

    I'm not saying you could not pull this stunt but just think it over really good (also generally joining any armed forces, during a time where conflicts are many).
    I've seen one war zone in my lifetime and believe me it wasn't a welcoming sight... and it's neither glorious nor great or any other propaganda stuff the mil wants to sell to you.

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    YouŽre already militar ? If not, forget it, or youŽll be later really freaked by militar ambience. More by PM.

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    nah, it all depends on a few things; rank, marrige status, and sometimes job.
    so unfortinatly if your junior rank then you will be bunked up with a few people :/
    so what you joining as ?

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    Forget it,

    I was bunked with 6 and later with 2. Even then peope barge in all the time (one big family)
    Only after I became NCO (CPL) I got myself that 2 person room but still in a barrack.

    Only higher ranking sergeants and officiers have private rooms or houses depending on the rank. Still officier training takes years so think about that. You should make a choice on what you want to become if you can combine that with your kinks, you are lucky.

    Otherwise learn to control your needs. I can say now that your future/job/university etc should be number on, your urge to wear is always second to that (not counting in friends and family of course)

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    Inside of barracks be cool and forget, that can help you a lot.

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    John, First of all, congratulations on your decision to serve your country. Unfortunatly, I cannot speak to specifics in the Air Force, but I can relate my experiences in the Navy. When I was in tech school after boot camp, I always had roommates, so it wasn't possible, short of me getting a hotel room. When I got to my first ship, I lived on the boat for the first 3 years, because my rank did not allow me to draw housing pay and move out in town. However, I've heard rumors that everyone in the Air Force gets their own room - but beware that people living in the barracks, private room or not, is subject to room inspections, and it probably happens on a frequent basis. I was not able to buy and use baby things until I picked up E-5 and moved out in town, into my own house. It wasn't pleasant, but I got through it. Now, here is why I'm going to recommend that you not engage in any sort of diaper/baby play in the barracks, even if you think you are alone. There was a guy in my tech school barracks that was a furry. He was open about it, and even had a tail, etc. He got treated like shit. It got so bad that the Navy eventually kicked him out. Now, I think that has to do with the fact that all the teasing and hazing brought out or on other problems, and not simply because he was a furry. But it's something you need to be wary of.

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    How could I forget of this cheap trick: I mantained always inside of my metalbox (1.80 m based in square 75/75 cm) some stinky bag with used shorts/socks. It works, but not at all. If yuou meet sergant asshole... But I had inside betwen my stuff some ilegal things and never has been discivered. The same works with total majority of higway patrols, as minimal here in Europe.

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    I recommend for some time to not get anything just in case, and like others said once you have a car you can get off base which would be better to get stuff like bambinos as you can probably register a P.O. Box.

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    Sorry i failed to mention im ging to be inlisted for 20 years. Then retire making like 50,000 a year for free as retirement fund. Probably more. I want to fly planes in combat, but that means living in a barrack. I could become an officer but that seems like BS being a guy in a desk filling out paper. The higher the rank the higher the pay though. I WILL become a E9-10 and probbably an officer eventually.

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