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    So i was browsing online and came across this weird story from the Olympian (Local newspaper).
    And i found this story about a twenty yr old that was arrested for being in possession of burglary tools and Police found six dirty diapers in his pockets. He told them it's because he likes to wear diapers. Talk about giving this lifestyle or fetish a bad name! Sheesh, Has anyone heard of this story? The guy got 30 months of probation and forced to get a Psychiatric sexual examination.

    Its disgusting, what on earth would someone want with dirty diapers, and why would someone go to that extreme to get them?

    Dont ya hate it when one person make us look like completel sickos?

    All my stuff gets modded (not complaining) So ill try to post the link...(I doubt most will wanna read it). I have my regrets, so here goes nothing...[link removed]
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    We already have a thread about the story. It's in the Regulars-Only forum though, which you can't see due to your low rep. It's there to protect the identity of the person the story is about.

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