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Thread: Hewwo in intorduz mysef

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    Default Hewwo in intorduz mysef

    I'm drunk and wearing wet diapers.
    Last edited by Peachy; 15-Jun-2010 at 21:14. Reason: removing parts that were against the rules

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    New favourite user, right here.

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    Tell you what, do us all a favor, and come back when you are sober, and have read the rules. With the exception of the Roleplay forums, babytalk is not appreciated, as there are many members here who are not native English speakers, and have issues decyphering what you are trying to say. Also, promoting the use of illegal substances is not permitted either.

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    Welcome to the site. Tell us about yourself... maybe a little more than what you've already given us.

    My hands are big. I think I'm dying. I'm dead.

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    Kommando zurück und noch einmal von vorne, am besten ohne vorher eine Kiste Bier zu leeren!

    And read the rules concerning the promotion of illegal substances. I had to edit that part out!

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    Well umm, welcome to the site I guess? I don't suppose you have any of that alcohol left to share do ya? :P

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    Welcome to ADISC. Ummm, anything you would like to say about yourself, besides the fact that you are drunk?

    GaashaHuzzah: Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaashaHuzzah View Post
    New favourite user, right here.
    Agreed. This made my day that much better. I hope this guy comes back just for the pure entertainment value of his posts. ROFL.

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