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Thread: Hi, I'm Shell's girlfriend.

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    Default Hi, I'm Shell's girlfriend.

    I'm a 21 year old AB/DL/Babyfur. About me, well, I'm still trying to figure out some stuff about myself. Basically I'm into magical subjects, the supernatural, and science. I tend to think too much about everything and sometimes just burn out from trying to figure it all out!

    Shell has gotten me more into gaming, but my thing is mostly to go online or read books and research. I'm really into some historical subjects, mostly focusing on the Americas. I love industrial music, and we both are really into KMFDM. I love animals and have done some volunteer work with them them. I know a lot about reptiles.

    When it comes to my babyfur side, I am a possum, although sometimes I am a pony. I do have a bit of incontinence issues at night-time, and I have an over-active bladder, which is hell since my job is being a cashier. I have recently developed these issues, although I have always had a bit of stress-incontinence.

    Currently I am not in school, but I want to be a medical assistant. I still have to choose whether I want to go into nursing or go into an animal related career. I still need some schooling, and I love biology classes. Totally suck at math though, but I am willing to get over that problem.

    Anyway, that's me. Feel free to ask anything.

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    Have you ever considered getting treatment for your intermittent incontinence?

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    Not really. I just deal with it by wearing diapers, and since I enjoy wearing diapers, it isn't too bad. The urges to go to the bathroom really bother me if I don't have a diaper on though. I still try to hold things in at work because I am afraid of leaks. I wear pullups to work because I don't want to be obvious.

    I do avoid going to the doctor because of cost.

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    Welcome to ADISC.

    I'm always interested in people who are into supernatural stuff. I've always had a thing for psychic/telekinesis abilities and I've been curious about that for the longest time. I could predict things before they happened -- and oddly enough, if I want something to happen badly enough, the polar opposite comes true. Every time I expect the Los Angeles Lakers to win, the Celtics win. I might have to root for Boston today.

    I'm technically a babyfur, but more of a diaperfur with the exact same incontinence issues that you have. I have IBS, so it's one step above stress incontinence on the annoyance level.

    You seem pretty cool. Let's keep in touch!

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    IBS? I don't think I have it, but I tend to have err..Bowel issues too. Ick.

    I have always been into supernatural stuff as well. I'm getting better at predicting things, but I tend to always blurt out the same exact stuff Shell is thinking. I only get that connection with two other family members.

    Maybe your issue with opposites is that in the back of your mind you're thinking the opposite will happen. A fear of failure, maybe? Just a guess though! I tend to do that a lot, and trying to get out of that habit is tough!

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