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    Hi everyone, apparently I'm a lurker according to the site bot, that's alright I guess. I'm apart of some of the major AB/DL sites but came to this site only recently. My first experience was a little off because the first place I went was chat, expecting there to be little to no people there. Well of course there where plenty. The first thing I noticed, is how strict people become about screen names on here. I understand people already know you're into diapers etc but, if I have a screen name with the word diaper in it, especially on chat, don't really see the big deal. Sure, I understand that everyone knows I'm into diapers if I'm on this site, however if it's all that big of a deal just ask me about my self. I don't need a creative screen name or something that doesn't say "diaper" or "dpr" for you to know anything about my personality. If it bothers you that much talk to me and ask me about my self before you refer me to the site policy. It's not very welcoming, and that may be the reason I never officially introduced my self. I'm sure there are some great excepting people on here, but first impressions are everything.

    So, here goes. My name is Cody, which isn't my birth name, it's my puppy and baby name. I have a daddy, but he's not a sexual partner or anything. I didn't even want a daddy, but he found me and even with the age difference he has been a great influence on me and my life. He's a mentor, and a great guy to say the least. I have an extensive Adult Baby family, and love each and every one of my brothers. We get together all the time and have diaper parties, and it gets better and better every year. My diaper of choice, is the Abena Abri-Form Extra (Medium). Mostly because they're cheaper than the X-Plus, otherwise I would wear the X-Plus. I'm a heavy wetter too, so I find it very hard to wear during a 12 hour shift at work so usually don't wear there. When I'm off I like to wear as often as possible, like right now I just got home from work and sitting in my over sized chair in a diaper, that's the life. I'm also gay, which maybe I should have mentioned before, but it really shouldn't matter. If you ever would like to see pictures of me I'm on RUPadded as the same screen name. I don't show random pictures of my dick so you're safe on that account. I also have a distaste for people who can show their dick but not their face on their profiles. I'm also not a fan of pictures of peoples wet and/or poopy diapers just laying out. If there is anything you would like to know about me just ask here in a reply or message me. I definitely hope I get a better feel for this site by actually posting to the forum.

    Thanks and licks,
    Puppy Cody

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    Welcome to the site. Explaining your screen name and the whole "diaper or dpr in your username" wasn't really necessary, but it's still OK. Pretty good intro, but it's not reccomendable to mention other sites as a starter. Anyway, have a great time here.

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    Well thank you, but it's things said like what you have said that make me weary. Not that I shouldn't be respectful of site rules and regs, hell I'm Army National Guard, I understand rules, but I just wanted to get out there why I don't really feel welcome here. This forum is so strict with certain little things. I don't want to step on your toesies or make enemies, but that's how I feel. I hope people understand that. Also, people can be somewhat mean when they are hidden behind typed words, and not always on purpose. Any post or thread can be interpreted in any number of ways, which again I understand that may be why there are certain rules.

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    Adisc is bothered by the users who are like

    "PLEAE CANGE MY POpPY DIAAPARZ" they normaly have usernames like wetdiapers626235

    its easy for members to be judgmental

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    That's a good point there claw, thanks.

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