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Thread: Hi all from stewie

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    Default Hi all from stewie

    Hi to all my like minded frends! my name is stewie and im a life long bedwetter, and now a AB, I am lookong to talk with people and make frends!!

    I hope you have a wonderfull day!!!!!!!


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    Welcome to ADISC. Please feel free to take a look around the site and ask questions if you need to everyone here is really nice. Also please tell us more about yourself.

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    hello Stewie.

    Hope you'll be able to enjoy yourself here and have you have a wonderful day too. (and of course a wonderful stay on our site.) Make yourself at home and don't forget to post. (or be too shy... we don't bite hard

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    Welcome to adisc. Hope you have a great time. You want to tell us more about yourself?

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    Welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please tell us a bit about yourself like, how you found this site, and any other interests you have.

    Feel free to post around as much as you would like and to ask any qeustions, advice, or support that you might need.

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    Default A little more about me

    I have been a bed wetter for most of my life, there were a few dry years but not many..

    With being a wetter i developed a liking for diapers at a young age, but felt ashamed and alone in my thoughts and feelings, I knew it wasn't right but I couldn't help it.

    Back in 97 when i got the INTERNET i found out i wasn't alone in the world with thees feelings, I felt so relieved and happy to know i wasn't some sort of freak, and that others felt the same way!!

    It was shortly after that i realized i am a ab, i still slept with my baby blanky, had strong desires to suck on a Binky, and enjoyed doing childish things, like coloring and playing with Lego's and toys etc. etc.

    Now that 11 years have passed I have accumulated quite a collection of Ab things, and tryed many different diapers and diaper combos, (my current fav. is a molicare super + with a large goodnight in it.)

    I am currently trying to decide if I'm turning my room into a nursery or not, I have most all of the stuff i need, its just having it all set up if someone comes over and them seeing it. lol

    About 2 years ago i hurt my back real bad and did some damage, I was incontinent for 6 months, as time has pased I have regaind most of my controll, but if im on a long drive or know I will be away from a bathroom for more than an hour then I will were a diaper cuz aftre that amount of time passes I will start leaking.

    Well thats about it for right now, I have had lots of adventures and fun times being a ab, and crinkly, One of my favorat things to do for fun is going to disneyland!!! That place is made for loosing your adult self at and regressing, they also have a place for diaper changes when i need one, but thats a diffrent story.

    Hope you enjoyed reading about me, I love making frends and talking with like minded people! So please say hi and lets be frends!

    After all of this if you are still intrested about me and my "normal life" then dont be afraid to ask!!!!!!

    Huggys and Luvs

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    Thank you for the well written introduction! We do not get very many of those.

    Please feel free to post and chat!

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    Nice intro!....On the second post haha.

    Welcome to the community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Please feel free to post when ever you would like and to ask any qeustions, advice, or support you might need.

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