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Thread: Hey, It's Snaps With Diaper Ideas!

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    Default Hey, It's Snaps With Diaper Ideas!

    Sorry for the rather vague title but it will make sense soon!

    Does anyone else think that one or two of these could make some sort of super absorbent diaper?

    YouTube - Sham Wow Commercial (USA).mp4

    Yes, the shamwow seems to be this amazing cloth!, but if you used this as maybe a stuffer in a diaper or in a home made diaper, would it work?

    does anyone have any experience with a shamwow?


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    It has been tried and was commented that, though it worked, it also created some nasty diaper rash.

    I'm not certain but I believe a skin infection was also involved.

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    Did it once. Not comfortable at all. Liquid squeezes right out. Try it if you want. I have no reason to do it again.

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    I don't think it would make a very good diaper because the liquid is supposed to be squeezed out. If you watch the commercial, he soaks up the liquid then squeezes it right out. I would assume it's similar to a sponge. Sure it absorbs great, but it's not going to be like the gel in diapers.

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