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Thread: Not exactly babyfur, but check this out!

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    Default Not exactly babyfur, but check this out!

    I'm not exactly sure where I found this originally, but I love it. It's a short film, got an excellent noir feel, a great story, and it's just a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy it. If not, you'll at least have killed 8 minutes or so.

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    There really are no words to describe what I think of this piece. All I can say is its very mind stimulating.

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    The People's Republic of Animation

    I like that, though I find the titular instrument moderately horrifying, it is indeed a well done piece of work. I particularly like how the visuals and colors alter with the mood of the narration.

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    My friends showed me this durring art class one day. I think it's brilliant - the use of colour throught...amazing. :3 I LOOOOOVE the scene where he "shoots" himself and that little segment afterwords.

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    wow. very nice. truly a well done piece. the colors and the naration work so well together. very dark too. though i wished they would have used something else other than the cat people. though maybe its supposed to be some sort of symbolism.

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