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Thread: A Real Intro & LOTS of Questions

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    Question A Real Intro & LOTS of Questions

    OK, so after asking about why my posts wouldn't show up on the new posts tab... I was informed that I should probably just use the introductions forum to introduce myself. (How novel! =P)

    I'll try to keep it short.

    I'm 21 and attending university for music composition. I've lived in 4 states (US) and never gotten too comfortable anywhere. That said, I am pretty good at meeting new people/fitting in. I am not one of the "Cool Kids" but I have made some amazing friends who I keep in touch with/enjoy regularly. I like classical, sacred, and new age music mostly and play trumpet/flute. Haven't gotten any good on piano yet... I also enjoy poetry, fencing, good books, my family!, and bike-riding. (I listed some others on my profile for interests... but, despite having a diversified selection of one kind of interest, I'm not into that much.) I don't like TV... which most people find a little weird, but I don't mind watching with other people. Movies are a different story. Mostly because I understand the commentary when presented all at once (instead of in serial installments). Anyway, I'm brand new, trying to learn more about myself and others and hoping I can figure out what to do with my diaper interest. Oh, I also believe in God (protestant, not that it matters too much) and am very interested in glorifying Him in all that I do (which makes me ponder some things a lot more than I would otherwise). Anyways, I'll call that a good start, and if you're interested in more, ask questions!


    Original post below (unless the formatting does something wacky...)


    I am new here and looking for answers to a variety of questions. I figured searching the site would be the best way to learn, but maybe posting and getting perspectives on particulars would be more expedient. (Plus, there are a lot of things I am not looking for...)

    I think I like diapers, but haven't worn any since I was potty-trained. I have had the desire to wear one since right after my training (and my younger brother's arrival/potty-training) and have finally gotten the courage to start talking with family and friends about this. At 21, there seem to be a lot of issues surrounding my desire(s?). What specifically am I attracted to? Is there any hope of escaping my desire? Is this sexual? What will my family/friends think? Is this something I should try or would it be better to continue to be ignorant, trying to fight how I feel?

    So... I confided in a few close friends that I am planning on trying some diapers after I talk to my parents. I get the feeling they won't be too happy about it, but they might see some value in a little experimentation (a lot cheaper than a shrink) or in some kind of conditioning/punishment ("You want to do what? Okay, but you'll regret it! You're using them 24/7 until you are ready to try to be an adult again."). I think I would be really unhappy if I had to use the diapers (for everything), but part of my interest is in not needing to worry about nighttime accidents (which I would like to have, even if that sounds a little weird). I had nighttime accidents until puberty (15 or so, late bloomer) and am excited by the anticipation/possibility of not having control. So far, my friends have told me that this isn't really a "problem" and that I should probably explore a bit to see what it is I really want. They don't mind talking about it, but we are friends... so it's probably just them being super nice and trying not to be judgmental.

    I don't really want to be babied (although there are some aspects that could be nice with my girlfriend [completely different set of questions there]) and I'm not interested in punishment/bondage-type things... I think I just want to have a very personal secret. So, no one knows that I wear diapers/wet the bed unless they are close enough to me and/or see me around bedtime.

    What's anyone think?! I can't be weirded-out by much, but if you don't mind, keeping things rather "vanilla" would be nice.

    Particular advice needed:
    -How to talk to parents (or cope if they respond badly...)
    -How to explore safely (I feel like there's a lot of things I could do that would be mistakes...)
    -How to keep secret/maintain dignity where unknowing or uninterested parties are concerned


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    Hey man, welcome to The Disc. Great to see another music enthusiast and serious Christian around here. Both seem to run few and far between in communities like this. I definitely understand you trying to be a ninja AB, separating your diaper life from the rest of your life. Good decision. When you're not around people you can enjoy them with, they weigh you down - a lot.

    I'm a metalhead myself, and have recently explored symphonic metal due to being raised and trained in classical music on the piano. It's really fun stuff, because the music is epic, fun to play, and complex. I find it a challenge.

    As for the Christianity side of things, my church never aligned itself with any denomination and neither do I. It is a self-described Calvinist church which is basically the position that the Bible is the only authority. However I tend to be more liberal and contemporary than many of the people in the church. Its style is quiet and comfortable, which I disagree with a lot, I find it that churches that are loud and energetic (like the one I go to up in Rochester) are a lot more effective and good for introducing people to Christianity.

    Good luck in your diaper related exploration, hope you can get something out of this weird-ass fetish.


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    Eh, diapers aren't really that weird... that's a matter of subjective opinion if you ask me.

    Anywho: welcome to ADISC! =D

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    Welcome. As a christian I went through a stage of trying to figure out if what I am doing is alright with God. I came to the decision that God made me the way I am for a reason, and being an AB is my way of coping. Hope you can find what you are looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyTheNinja View Post
    I definitely understand you trying to be a ninja AB, separating your diaper life from the rest of your life. Good decision. When you're not around people you can enjoy them with, they weigh you down - a lot.
    So is this what the ninja means? Then I guess I am a ninja after all.

    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site. I myself hate most rock music and really am not into metal, but I can associate with the Christian aspect. I myself am Catholic but I am not a very observant Catholic. I can't stand when people try to talk religion down (I know too many agnostic/atheist people) and I respect their views. Although some of my views on life may conflict my view in religion, I always acknowledge the existence of God and I never back down I guess. I have seen you somewhat around the IRC and to me I think you are a serious member here.

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    Welcome to the site fellow musician. I am a degreed church musician. I have concertized for many years, though now I don't. I like most kinds of music, and I'm a biker....bicycle that is.

    As for exploring diapers, I would think that is something you might want to do on your own. Unless you have a very unusual and nurturing relationship with your parents, I don't think I would tell them about your desire. As for telling your good friends, well you already have, and you're lucky that they have been so accepting. You must be an unusual person in that people must really like you and accept you.

    I think by reading the many threads on this site that you will begin to get a good feel about what it is to like diapers, and how to express that desire. We usually are very open about how we feel. I think by being a member, you will feel somewhat like a majority rather than a small minority, and that can be a good thing.

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    Hey! Christians, musicians, cyclists, AND movie-watchers! (Ok, I'm not really surprised... but it's nice to hear I'm not alone.)

    For the Christians: This is priority #1 in my life. Sure, I plan to get a degree in music and then teach at a secular school but, those little moments when you can tell someone "yup, I'm a christian" or "I'm one too!" or when you can provide solid religious mentoring because you have considered the same questions before, that's what I'm looking forward to! Anyone else?

    To the Musicians: Sweet! Keep it up! Music's one of the best things on planet Earth! Whether it's listening, reading, playing, composing, or whatever... I can't get enough! It'd be cool to know what everyone's favorite kind is. What instruments does anyone play or what bands do you listen to?

    Cyclist: (Yes, I think there was only one... for now =P) What's the best part of biking, for you?

    And Movie-watcher(s)... there must be more than one!: I don't watch too many movies, but I would be more than happy to discuss them (if I've seen them). Doesn't mean I don't like them... just means I haven't seen a ton.

    And, a completely related side-note, that has been addressed on this site before (but the thread is closed now): Anyone know of a link between Asperger's and wanting to wear diapers? It occurs to me that just about anything could be a focal point/X-treme interest; that there are just a subset of the Aspie population that fit this category would not surprise me. Thoughts?

    (Oh, I'm happy to know what a ninja is too!)

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    Hey nice to see another Christian around...

    Anyways So why would you want to tell your Parents? I mean do you still live with them? I feel that this is something you should avoid. As for exploring it go to the store get some diapers. Simple as that. If you want try it out with your GF around or something.... anyways, these urges WILL NOT GO AWAY! Many of us have tried to get rid of it and it's essentially part of us. You seem to have the same urges I had. I'm only 19 and at the age of 14 is when I decided to re explore this side of me. So yeah you're in it for the long haul. I would suggest you just try it when you're alone. How's your situation? Living conditions etc.? Do you live alone? With your parents or what? a bit more info about yourself would help to better understand what you should do.

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