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Thread: What makes you feel most babyish?

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    Default What makes you feel most babyish?

    for me, the answer is my rattle, my blanket, and baby powder. being surrounded in a babyish room and smelling powder really helps. so does the feel of it on my skin. i love watching it fall down all over me. and of course, diapers.

    i also need my mommy with me to help me feel like a baby. without her, im just a guy in a diaper, with some rubber thing in my mouth.

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    its probably when Im really ccomfortable e.g laying in a sofa under a blanket all tucked in and looking up to a very close friend, really makes me feel secure. or if im laying in my bed resting my shoulder on a friends shoulder or if they have their arm over my head so Im reasting sort of like at their breast. That has given me the best feeling of the world so even if I would have a terrible comedown from some drug(like a bad e pill) all the bad thoughts would go away and yeah...the most awsome feeling I have ever had, really the essence for me when it comes to *Bism.

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    I don't really consider myself an AB, but I will say the few times I have walked around my house in shoes, socks, diaper & t-shirt, I feel pretty baby-ish. Probably a holdover from when I was little & my mother left me that way to go outside & play.

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    I consider myself an AB much, but I sometimes like babyish things like footed pajamas on a pleasant, cold evening; curled up on the couch while watching on kids cartoons from the early 90s.

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    Inocence and security feeling, when Im taking my relax.

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    Cuddling with my mommy in a wet diaper on a saturday morning suckling my paci or her breast.

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    Two things:

    a) A comfy and fresh diaper, freshly powdered, or

    b) feeling close to somebody (diaper or not).

    If I could put both together, I am sure the experience would be great!

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    Falling alseep on my daddies belly in a cloth nappy and sleeper, after drinking a bottle of milk

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