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    Hello, I'm Nick

    I live in Southern California.

    I love to play tennis, golf, and i love wearing diapers and being babied.

    I came to ADISC to feel more confident about my feelings and to say hey.

    Love to interact feel free to message me if you want



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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time on this site. So, how is everything up in Southern California these days with all the USC drama? And BTW, I personally think your username should be changed to one that reflects you as a person rather than one that kind of doesn't speak Nick to me. I am tk7432 for my then interest in Star Wars. What do you like in life, and by like I mean it defines you as a person. Doesn't have to be something related to *B/DL stuff.

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    It was just a username i could remember i like sports a lot and its been good haha, i don't watch college hT much anywIse Nd right now it's about the lakers!!! Hahah =)

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    Hi Nick, welcome to ADISC. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here, have fun.

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