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    well i was trying to get a feel for the site before i started writing about my self but it apears my time has run out. So a little about me im 23 years old male and happily married. I have always wanted to wear diapers on and off for as long as i can remember. Usually i have simply ignored and tried to make that desire go away. When i told my wife (then fiance) about my desires so was so accepting that i have started trying to come to terms with it. So while in some ways ive been a round a long time in others im still new and learning. What do i like? I know i like diapers. I think i like playing as a little boy. i love teddy bears and blankets and cartoons. Scooby doo is my favorite. I barly ever wear but am starting to more often. I've only tried depends but am wanting to try good nites. that about covers it oh my real life im a member of the us army but before anyone says thank you just know i havent actually done anything worthwhile yet. just been in the army.

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    Hello, nice to meet you. Why would you say your time ran out? Someone message on your profile or something? Ok well anyway welcome to Adisc. Nickname is Cas if you ever want to chat.

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