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    Default Filipino here

    I was hoping to find a fellow Filipino here. I feel alone here.

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    You are not alone here. Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here on this site. I am from the US but I know there are several filipinos here on this site. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share?

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    I'm a 15 year old male and I am a High School senior and a graphic designer.

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    Ok, just kidding. I'm not Pinoy, but I've known/worked with many of them, and I find them to be wonderful people. So, what are your other interests? What do you do when not diapered? What do you like about diapers, and what sort of things do you enjoy when diapered? Are you a furbag? We has questions!

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    Am straight. Haha, when not in diapers I usually hang out with friends and church mates, play a little soccer or volleyball and I am also into photography . I first got attracted with wearing diapers when I got some kind of sickness when I was a kid and I was put to diapers and it later developed to me becoming a teen baby a few years back when I was in late elementary. While diapered I actually enjoy doing work because it keeps me safe even if under pressure. I have also tried wearing diapers to school or when just hanging out with friends. Parent don't know by the way.

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