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    Hey guys, just a question to those of you who play table top rp's. have you ever played "Last night on earth"? and if so is it any good. i saw it today at a shop where i go to play and am intrigued. its kinda pricy so was wondering what yall think of it

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    I've played it once; it was a bit confusing, but once I figured out the rules it was pretty fun. If you're a fan of zombie apocalypse scenarios, and you have cash to spend, it may be a good investment.

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    well yeah im a big zombie fan..... which is weird cos one of my biggest fears is that my loved ones will be turned into zombies.... ahh well.
    yeah i get payed next week so was thinking about picking up the box set of it. although i think you can rent the games and play them in the store so i might give that a try.
    thanks for the feed back tho
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    Is this what you're talking about: Haven't played it but I went digging because a good RPG with zombie fighting appealed to me but this just appears to be a boardgame (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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    yeah thats the one. have you played any other zombie rpgs? i only have experience with warhammer 40k so everything else is foreign to me

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    I haven't seen one dedicated to that before. It's sort of limited for a a whole RPG so I'd expect it would have some unconventional premise or be really stripped down. There are also any number of games where you could do a scenario or campaign like that if you cared to, which I have done before. Call of Cthulhu would probably be one of the more approriate games I can think of for it right offhand. I'm a little out of touch with current offerings.

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    cool thanks trevor, i think i saw call of cthulhu in the shop that i play in so ill check it out next time im in. i read the rules online for last night on earth and it does seem like a cross between a traditional board game and a rpg. sorta like cluedo with zombies

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    If you're looking for zombie RPGs, I can do some digging, I know there's a handful out there ((All Flesh Must Be Eaten comes to mind.)). Last Night on Earth is pretty fun in general with a very cool co-op/competitive mix that a lot of board games never really get. If that one is out of your price range, you might look for a copy of ZOMBIES! which is similar in theme, if not tone.

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    I actually own this with just about every expansion, and I can vouch that it is insanely awesome if you take th time to fully learn the rules!!!

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    cool thanks guys, i have seen ZOMBIES in the store as well so ill check that one out to. im back in the store on wednesday so ill let ya know which way i go XD

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