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    Well yesterday I went to the university to go select my classes for the up coming fall term. I will be an incoming Freshman. I am still waiting on this years AP Scores to come in and in the event that I did very well on them, which I feel that I did, I will be able to be admitted into much higher levels of study. With my U.S. history score I will have the option of being placed in a 4000 level history course and with Macro Econ I can go into a 2000 level Economics course. Would these choices be a good move for myself as an incoming Freshman, or should I wait until at least my second semester until I get the hang of college life?

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    My advice is to see if you cant find someone who has recently taken those classes and ask them how easy/hard freshman year is. Some colleges use the first two semesters as a warmup, and if you were smart enough to earn the classes, you can probably handle them. The advantage to this is that you have an ace in the hole if you (god forbid) fail a class. You can work in your makeup onto your schedule a lot easier. You can also work toward early graduation or just lightening up your senior year, which is invaluable because senioritis is a real thing :p. There is really nothing but advantages if you go for it, if you can handle the classload. To figure that out, try to bug an upperclassmen or see if you can otherwise look for info on the difficulty of your program's freshman year. Another thing to ask is if those are general education credits for you. If they are, I'd just get the darn things outta the way.

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