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Thread: chatzilla help!!!

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    Exclamation chatzilla help!!!

    okay i need help on how to join #adisc on chatzilla if anyone can help that would be great

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    what Mickal said. we're under the "blitzed" server and you just punch in #adisc. Piece of cake. That is assuming it's the same for chatzilla as it is for mIRC. If not.... get mIRC!

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    Let's not turn this into an other thread debating which IRC client is best as I don't again want to state why X-Chat is clearly the best.

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    yay for chatzilla!!

    feel free to pm me if you have any more problems, lostpup. chatzilla is the one i always use.

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    rrrright. maybe it's just me... but they all near enough function the exact same

    ...they let you connect to different chat rooms, and would you believe it, allow you to chat with other users.

    Or is there something more i've missed that makes chatzilla or X-chat or whatever client more special?

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    It's just what you prefere. X-Chat is very customizable and I like that so that's why I prefer X-Chat.

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