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    anyone ever use a baby jumper.... the ones that hang from the doorways?? have you had luck, how was it... was it comfy??

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    there was a thread about this. only specific ones were large enough, older ones were the only ones strong enough, required springs inplace of elastic in some cases.

    also involved alot of Ebay

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    Still want to get myself a Lindam bouncer off UK ebay. The seat fits on your bottom like putting on a diaper, having straps from front to back on the sides and an adjustable belt in the back. I'm curious to see how far out the belt will adjust, and whether it would need to be lengthened any to fit around my waist. I'm also always on the lookout for an older style bouncer seat from the '70s.


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    Ahh yes, idk, I still love this subject, I got mine rigged up good now, jump for a half hour to 45 minutes every day.

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    I'm sure you could build one. There are bungie chords out there. They would have to be modified of course. Personally, I still love swings, tire swings, and gliders. I'll bet you remember the old porch gliders Pramrider. My parents had one on their porch when I was a kid. They had a painted metal frame, and plastic covered cushions, usually colorful. You would sit on them and push with your feet, making you glide back and forth.

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    "I'm sure you could build one." . . .

    I /did/ build one.

    YouTube - Big Johnny Jump-Up

    Bungee cords... tried that. Need about 8 of them parallel to each other, so multiples thereof for a longer bounce. Garage door springs work well, 50 lbs each is probably a safe rating, run cables through the center of them and clamp on each end as safety in case a spring snaps (cable itself will prevent drop, running through center of the spring prevents loose broken end from flying around).

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