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Thread: wearing on a train

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    Default wearing on a train

    hello all, I'm a bit new here well registered new anyway and had a question concerning wearing on a train.
    Ive personally never actually been on a train except for one of those quick tour ones a long time ago. my question is weather or not it is recommended to be padded for a 3+ hour ride.
    since Ive never been on a train I'm not sure what the bathrooms are like or if my bags are going to be gone through or anything like that. due to the length of the ride i know Il have to go at least a few times and I'm not too big of a fan of small overused bathrooms and the person I'm going with knows i wear so thats not a problem. overall just wondering if anyone has been through this and any issues that may arise or is it actually recommended over the train bathrooms. thanks for any help or advice on the subject.

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    So if in train is private - if there are small modules for 6 people, you may not need to go to the toilet. If train is of style Great autobus, than toilet is only that one thing, which rests, no privacy there. Tell me what class of train and which one (when and which company) you´ll use. May I can help you.

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    the train I'm taking is not one where i will get my own little cubical as far as i know, i chose the cheap seats so its probably just a bunch of open seats and tray chairs. the company i got my tickets through is Amtrak, both of my travel times are afternoon times. my feeling is that there will probably be one bathroom for a bunch of people that might not even be in the same cart and i don't think I'm going to want to be moving between carts when the train is moving on top of trying to shuffle past other people in their seats. my best hopes will be that i will get to sit next to my mate and not squished in between some strangers. i personally don't have to wear but am thinking about it because i do have a small bladder that tends to fill quickly and i don't want to keep having to use a bathroom that may have a long wait as Ive been in that situation and have come pretty close to having an accident.

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    Even if they stored your larger luggage in the baggage car, you certainly could carry on a diaper bag with your supplies. Personally, I would rather wear diapers than have to use a public toilet. I have a real phobia to public toilets.

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    since I'm only going on a short trip all I'm taking with me are 1 or 2 carry on bags with some changing supplies a few changes of cloths and all my diabetic stuff that i always take with me. I completely agree with you on the public toilets they are too small and dirty and on a train there might be lines to use it which means that its probably not getting cleaned any time soon. *bleh bad mental image*. at least with a diaper the only one whose arse has touched it will be my own, however the thought of having to still go through security with it on worries me for some reason as i cant go through metal detectors with my insulin pump ( medical device) so i usually get frisked and a diaper bag is a bit too obvious for me I'm still a little self conscious though it would be nice to have everything all in one bag for that although a good thought for later.

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    Amtrak has at least one enclosed toilet in each coach car on the train; there are two on most coaches. If you happen to be riding the two-level Superliner cars, there are 4 toilets on each coach. Your luggage will go on the coach with you; you can put it over your seat on the overhead rack, or some cars have an extra rack on one end of the car. If you have a small bag with your extra diapers in it, it will fit easily into the toilet with you so you can do a diaper change. Bring a plastic bag with you to dispose of the used diaper. You may have to carry the diaper back into the coach car to the trash bin as some toilets do not have a large trash receptacle in them--others do. You won't have to move between cars, but it is no problem and it is safe to do so. Just hold onto the grab rails. Hope this helps.

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    thanks for the info diaperbobby that actually does help a bit as i would have forgotten bags for the used ones that would have been bad. I'm still not too sure about moving from car to car just somewhat of a phobia i guess along with public restrooms silly i know. if i do wear il probably have an abena xplus with a booster so i wont have to change if i cant and a pair of plastic pants to keep the diaper smell down. hopefully it wont be too hot out so i can just wear loose pants over it. thanks again for the bring a bag advice i never would have thought about having to bring the used one out with me till it was too late which would have sucked. I will leave car crossing till the return trip although my mate will probably end up dragging me through the different sections anyway.

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    So go to one coach to other ? What´s the problem ? If train consist is abour 6 - 8 coches, so you´ve enough toilets to select. Every coach in this eorld has as minimu one toilwt, here in Europe mostly every coach has two, situated at every of both ends. Tell me number and date of train... With this I can work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woofcub View Post
    my question is weather or not it is recommended to be padded for a 3+ hour ride.
    This is all based on my UK experiance, so may be slightly different in USA. Whenever I visit my daddies house it invloves me making a 5hr train journey. Everytime I've travelled I've been padded, and never had a single problem. If you want to avoid having to change, choose a diaper that you know will last and you trust.

    Quote Originally Posted by woofcub View Post
    or if my bags are going to be gone through or anything like that
    In the UK, it's rare for bags to be searched for a train journey (except international journeys), but if your bags were searched, the security staff will more than likely have seen adult diapers before (and have probably come across far more awkward items... sex toys etc). They are also not going to think your an AB, and more likely that your Incon, so I would hope would be discreet.

    Quote Originally Posted by woofcub View Post
    any issues that may arise
    There aren't really any more issues that could arise by wearing on a train, than wearing at home or in public. There is always the chance the diaper may leak, but this comes back to choosing a diaper you know fits well, and is absorbant enough.

    Hope that helps

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    I've been on trains many times, but my experience is mostly from Europe, specifically Germany and the UK.

    Trains obviously have bathrooms - one or two per car (depends on the type of train here - long distance ones have more than commuter ones), so wearing padding is not necessary. There's generally little privacy in the passenger area, unless you book a luxury class (1st class) seat, then you may get a bit more privacy. At least most trains here feature an open space with many rows of seats and sometimes tables here. So if you're not comfortable wearing around others, then train journeys and diapers are not for you. I've also been stuck on trains standing with little to no room to move, so it can get even worse.

    I'm not sure how the American train system works, but over here, you're responsible for your own baggage. Handling of baggage by the train company has been phased out probably before I was even born, so you can always store it in a way to easily access whatever changing supply you need. On the other hand, the UK train companies seem rather anal about where people put their baggage - maybe it's even worse in the U.S.? I've only been on one American train, and that was Metro North (a commuter railroad out of NYC, so not exactly a long-distance journey).

    As for bag searches...not sure how that works, but in my country, that would be illegal. Need a search warrant from a judge for that!


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