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    Default Hi all new again

    Hi good people,

    I let me postings completely lapse and was rightly been labeled a lurker!

    Just as an intro I need nappies at night and almost need them during the day though that makes things very difficult even when not working.

    I was surprised to find just how comfortable nappies are in comparison to underwear but have not found any pull-ups I can say the same about (or that are absorbent enough overnight.)

    I currently use the Abena Abri-form M4 plastic backed after reading somewhere on this forum that you need to rub the tabs to keep them sticking and am amazed to find it makes them work most of the time.

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    Hio, welcome to adisc.

    ( as we tell pretty much every member of adisc when they first join)

    Mind shareing anything about yourself, like intrests, books/tv, hobbies?

    The members of ADISC prefer to know you as a person who happens to wear diapers, as opposed to a diaper that happens to have a person sitting in it.

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    My big hobby is pen and paper roleplaying with my favourite system being Mutants and Masterminds (2nd ed) as it gives the best and easiest design system IMO without overriding the actual roleplaying.

    I am a big fan of Doctor Who and Anime featuring Giant Mecha and can't stand musicals (with the exception of Rocky Horror and that Buffy episode.)

    I absolutely love fortified wines and can't belive that the world doesn't share my passion for them (though more for me.)

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