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Thread: When do you get on here?

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    Default When do you get on here?

    Just curious as to when people who still live with their parents get on this site, and how risky you all are when you do. I usually get on only at night, or when I am alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Russian View Post
    I usually get on only at night, or when I am alone.
    That's when I get on, just about before bedtime.

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    I get on...when I get home, in the living room. There's a bathroom between this and the main living room though. I can hear footsteps coming up and all that, so I can do whatever I want on the computer, whenever I want. Haven't been caught since I started, years ago.

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    Heh, I'm practically on all the time!

    I have my own computer, my own room and my family gives me a lot of privacy. I even come on here when there are people just outside. The design of this site does not hint in any way that it is a fetish site.

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    Too often &_&

    I get on whenever I get home, which is anywhere from 3:15 to 5:45, depending on whatever I'm doing after school.

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    Usually like all day. @[email protected]

    I've got a lappy in my room, and multiple tabs in Firefox. Unless someone really wanted to, or I was being exceptionally stupid, no one could see this site. n.n

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    When ever I got a laptop.
    My parents really don't bother to check anything.

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    My parents leave me alone, so I can get on anytime I want.

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