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Thread: What do you still have from your youngest age?

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    Default What do you still have from your youngest age?

    Kite’s “i never connected to anything from my childhood” thread got me thinking…
    I have NOTHING that I had before the age of seven. I’m sure my parents meant well but they took all my things away when they thought I was too old for them without asking me. No respect! I’m having trouble wording this but I’ll try.
    What do you still have from your youngest age? How old are you now? (Optional)
    I have some gimp key chains model car parts and bug juice from summer camp when I was 7. I 48 now


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    I don’t still have anything I cherish from my childhood. As a child I had a blanket named silky, I was devastated when my parents said I was too old for it at age four and took it away. My stuffed tiger disappeared a year later. Now at 48 and alone again I find comfort in diapering as I have most of my life at times and sleep with a life size girl doll. There might be some mind connection but I have NOTHING I had as a young child. I’m sure my parents meant well but they took all my things away when they thought I was too old for them without asking me.
    Now I have a question…New topic I guess


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    I have Thumper that I got when I was 2. He used to sing a song (I don't know what) but my grampa took the wires out when I was around 3 because I wouldn't stop making him play, but other than that he is good. I have a lot of jewelry that my mom has kept that I received at birth. I have a sewn thing that goes in a picture frame with my date and time of birth, full name and weight that my Auntie made me. I also have a blanket my Grama made me at birth.

    My mom never really threw anything out, if it did go in the garbage it's because I put it there, lol.

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    I Got Scruffy a plush dog from when I was at least 3 years old if not less. Hes changed hands around the family once I turned 8 or so but he found his way back into my bed.

    Though he isn't really nice to snuggle since he REALLY is scruffy. But he will always have a spot by my side.

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    I have nothing at all from my younger years, gusse my mom got red of it all.

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    I still have the baby blankie I got when I was born. Its the only thing I have from my real parents. That makes it special!

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    Jemima's 1 and 2... Jemima 1 is a blanket and Jemima 2 is an ages old plush Jemima Puddle-Duck.

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    I still have everything. Heck, half of it is up in my closet, or in another closet. I saved all of my stuff from kinder and everything, even the stupid little felt dolls we made and all that. I still have all of my baby toys, which aren't mine, but are for my children. I still have the clothes they put me in when I was born. I still have the blanket I was wrapped in way back when. I also have the pillow that someone gave me, which is basically a pillow with my birth-certificate designed in, that is, a pillow that had a side that looked like the certificate. Also, I have like four albums worth of baby pictures.

    Up until the age of 8-9, I always used that pillow, and I still always look through the pictures.

    Erm, looking back at how much of it I still have, and how much I connected with that pillow, I'm not surprised I ended up TB.

    Edit: If I think up more, I'll add it in another post. I'm sure you guys will jog a lot of my memories. I love it when people remind me of stuff, especially since I seem to be unable to remember it on my own. I hate that I can't remember much about my child-hood, but now I remember my pillow. *runs upstairs to go cuddle it*

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    when i was a baby i had three toys that i slept with: beary, mousey, and blankey. when i was 3 1/2 my sister was born and to my parents' great perplexitude i gave beary and mousey to her. it was odd because i was quite deeply attached to both of them right up until the day i laid them in her crib. my parents tried to dissuade me, pointing out that my sister had plenty of stuffed animals of her own, but i was adamant. she never really took to beary and mousey, but i don't remember being too upset about it.

    i slept with my blankey until i was probably 13 or 14 and then i decided it was time to grow up and be a man. blankey, beary, and mousey are all still down in my mom's basement but they're so old and fragile that i'd be afraid to try to resurrect them. beary got used a pillow fairly often so she's pretty flattened and the stuffing is coming out of a large wound on her side. mousey lost an ear in a swinging accident shortly before i gave him away. and blankey is barely hanging together by a few ragged threads.

    i currently sleep with my leopard, snowy (having given up on growing up and being a man :P). snowy was originally acquired maybe 15 years ago for largely decorative purposes, and was co-owned by my mom, my sister, and myself. but he eventually fell into a period of obscurity and was languishing in the basement when i rescued him. he now oversees my room from the top of the bookshelf in the daytime, wearing a handsome and roguish black cowboy hat, and when i go to bed he secretly comes down to snuggle with me.

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    Oooh! Oooh! Gifts to younger siblings, sort of like a hand-me-down!

    I did that. I used to have a red-blue-yellow little rosary, but it was almost completely child-proof. Nothing bad ever accidentally happened to it. Actually, I think I had it in a drawer or something. Regardless, I was always seeing it somewhere or another.

    I gave my little rosary to my first nephew when he was born. Eventually, I had a second nephew, though, alas, he died quite early in his life. When we were closing the casket, my first nephew stopped them and dropped in the rosary, so he could pray for us from heaven.

    It was a beautiful gesture on my first nephew's part. He's so awesome. I'm glad my other nephew has it now.

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