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Thread: Can you walk while peeing in diaper.

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    Default Can you walk while peeing in diaper.

    I want know if it possible to walk while peeing the reason ask is I wear 24/7 and every time try walk while peeing I can't . I wear for very weak bladder but never figure how to do this if you can do this is easyway to learn to do this.

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    I'd guess that it's possible, buy not easy to do right off the bat.

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    It is possible, but I have to be reaaally relaxed and pretty much bursting! It's easier if you start while standing still then try to walk really slowly while concentrating on "relaxing"... if that makes sense...

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    I can....but it took me a LOOOONG while to teach myself how to do it....and i still can't start "going" while walking....i have to stop for a brief second to start, but then i can keep walking

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    I can if I need to pee. But I rather do it in a more relaxed position.

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    yes it is cool but some times my diaper will leak

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    I just stop for a few seconds, let it go and then start to walk, by doing this I can walk and pee

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    unfortunatly - often without much control

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