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Thread: Would you/have you ever told a therapist or other professional about your ABism?

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    Default Would you/have you ever told a therapist or other professional about your ABism?

    My keyworker asked me a question the other day that got me thinking. He said, "What methods do you have for coping in a crisis?"
    I answered that I drank alcohol, which is true ...
    What I didn't tell him was that I also pull on some Underjams and suck on a soother.

    Have you ever brought it up? What was the reaction?

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    I wouldn't tell them
    The shrinks I have would have had a damn field day over this info coming from me, and with my childhood, I wouldn't blame them

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    If I ever end up going to see a therapist, I would probably tell them at some point. Not right off the bat of course, but until I feel comfortable with him/her. They can't legally tell anyone else without threat of there licenses and credentials being revoked and not being able to get another job in that field ever again so yeah, I'd be pretty comfortable with him/her knowing.

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    ok i have actually been to see a therapist about this....

    I understand that this is not always true.....but most therapists are here to HELP you,

    i realize that many people feel some animosity between themselves and their therapist, or that they don't feel they can trust them.

    but i think most want to help you deal with whatever problems you have, for most of us diapers are NOT one of our problems...they are more like a symptom of some other ones, so it's not like your therapist is going to take your diapers away or something like that.

    also they are professionals...they have a lot of education on psychology...despite how uncommon *Bism is, a lot of them have heard of it, and even if they haven't personally heard of it, they have a lot of resources and case studies to learn about it.

    also they are bound by doctor patient confidentiality, so it's not like they can tell anyone else or somehow use that knowledge against you in the outside world (granted if it is court appointed that may not be entirely true)

    in short....there is nothing wrong with telling your therapist....unless you think it entails a MASSIVE risk on your part

    thats just my experience but i hope it helps

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    I probably wouldn't, but that is more so I'd be pissed off enough if I had to go see one (because to be fair, highly unlikely I would on my own accord)

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    I'm seriously thinking about seeing a therapist, and I would probably mention it once I felt comfortable with him/her.

    It would be one of the last "issues" I brought up though because, as trojanman says, I see AB/DL-ism as a symptom (or coping mechanism) of other more deep-rooted neuroses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guineapigged View Post
    What I didn't tell him was that I also pull on some Underjams and suck on a soother.
    This is probably one of the BEST advice tidbits I've heard in a long time... It would/should do people some GOOD to actually do that instead of half the shit people do in this world when things get them down or don't go as they want. Some people grab the bottle, some grab a needle, some hurt others... Hell I think everyone should throw on their favorite diaper and take a nap every now and then, the world would be a better place! I know it sounds silly, but hey I bet it would be true lol

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    My wife and I were seeing a counselor at one point to work on getting our marriage stronger (once we realized a major portion of stress was from in-laws and we cut that off our marriage is better than when we were newlyweds!) and the lady we talked to was one who was known to work with the "unconventional" relationships.

    Ours was very normal by her standards. She dealt with poly-amorous relationships, open relationships, and many others. My incontinence was brought up and the fact that I sometimes like to play around that way was discussed--I let her know I was trying to just make it as best as possible in life when in reality it pretty much sucked and was miserable. She was quite understanding.

    At the same time, she brought up that many couples do things behind the privacy of closed bedroom doors that would have people respond with shock in public. It's amazing how many people do these things.

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    I've seen three therapists (my own decision) in order to help me come to terms with my fetish. I couldn't stop feeling bad/worrying about it until about two years ago. The therapists all said the same thing. It is NORMAL. There isn't anything wrong with me. Just ask if you want to know more.

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    I told my shrink. It took 8 years but I finally did and he never heard of it. The next week he had done some reaserch and was cool with it. (I'm DL not AB and it is more comfort / stress relif than sexual.) He likes to think it takes me back to a time when my parents cared for me as after I was a baby they were horrable parents.

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