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Thread: How stretchy are Drynites?

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    Default How stretchy are Drynites?

    I always see people saying that Underjams are smaller than Drynites/Goodnites. I have only ever tried UJs and I can squeeze into them, but only just (the sides are very stretched).

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    As long as it fits comfortably to your waist size, drynites have a good amount of stretch and durability. Underjams from my experience however seem to have a smaller scale of waist size and worse yet is the durability of the waist. Iwas unlucky enough to have one snap on me while at work and had the saving grace of pantyhose to keep it in place until I could change. Even size s-m on goodnites fit me fine but the l-xl underjams fell apart after a short period of time. I strongly recommend switching to the goodnites for you

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    DryNites are bigger than UnderJams, I'd give them a try!

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    Might just be me but the Girl drynites fit me better so you might want to go with them.

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