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Thread: Ha! I conquer thee, collar!

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    Default Ha! I conquer thee, collar!

    So I recently decided to change species.
    I'm no longer a huskywolf, I'm a cat. :3

    Aaanyway, I bought myself a cat collar.
    Red with a pink design in the middle, barely noticeable.
    And a bell. Anyway, at the maximum extension...

    It was a half-inch too short. x.x;;;

    I was not about to give up that easily. So after thinking about it, I saw that one of the endpieces was folded and sewn over about an inch. So I stole my friend's sewing stuff, cut the threads, and resized it myself (as tiny a fold as I could get while being able to sew it shut). It now fits perfectly. There's not much room left though.

    ...I win! :3

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    Gratz about the new collar =p

    But me i'll always bee canine =P

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    *shrug* a dog collar works fine for me, I just added a bell. Cat collars are too thin for me to enjoy.

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    Nice, an excellent case of improvising a solution for your furry needs.

    As for me, still an otter. Otters don't wear collars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Brome Teks View Post
    As for me, still an otter. Otters don't wear collars.
    Well they should. ^_^

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    So Friday is a late day for school, which means instead of going at 7:40, we go at 8:40. So my friends and I went to breakfast, and it turned into this whole cat collar thing. o-O I love my friends. Except most of us didn't have one...

    So we go to the grocery store, to get cookies. >.> And my friend was sad about not having one. So I drag her to the pet aisle, and we find the cat collars. 8-14 INCHES. I was like, *drool*, because I didn't even know 14-inch cat collars existed. WITH FREAKING PAWPRINTS ON IT. So my friend Star got the purple one, my friend Araya got a brown/orange/yellow one, and I got the red one.

    ...So I ended up replacing the collar that I had to alter to fit me. I gave it to my friend, but took the bell off first, because this one didn't have a bell. :3 I'm so happy now.

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    Mewmew kitty! ^^
    hehe congratulations on your collar? i'm too shy to get one myself but anyways I'll say the same thing CBT said...with one change. Skunks don't wear collars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShippoFox View Post
    I've had neighbors with pet skunks. I think they wore collars.
    Yep, pet skunks wear collars.

    P.S.: Gotta love tags. :3

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    But I'm not a pet skunk! o.o I'm just a skunkie there! Maybe if I someday get enough balls to buy a collar for myself I'll accept it, how about it? rar!

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