All right dudes and dudettes, hows it going? Just to first clear up that I am new here but I wont encourage welcomes and such on this thread as I have all ready made one in the intro section of the forums.

Basically I just want to know if there are any furries that live in the UK who have attended Alcon before: an anime convention held in our homeland. I have applied to this years Alcon being conducted in Leicester... and I am shitting myself bigtime. To be fair it will be the first anime convention I've ever attended so I just want to know your opinion on what it was like. Also it would be nice to hear if any of you are going to the same convention so I don't feel too lonely as maybe the only furry there, not that I'm going in a blatant fursuit I mean I am cosplaying but if I did have a suit for my fursona I would deffinately be way too bashfull to show it off in public.