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Thread: SA World Cup 2010

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    Default SA World Cup 2010

    ok well i havent seen a thread like this yet, but then i could have missed it anyway if there is already one i appologise.

    Anyway who do you all think will win the world cup?
    At the moment i think spain are the favourites but i think argentina have a good chance specially if tevez is on form. This world cup has the makings to be a good one, alot of strong teams, although unfortunately Ireland aint there (Thanks FIFA and your lack of video officials) it should still be a good few weeks

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    damnit we do have a thread for the game, now I have to go edit my other post xD.

    As for who wins, I think the favorites are Brazil, but I hope one of the few teams i'm going to be following can take it. I do expect for one of the African teams to go a long ways in the tournament however (just not to the finals)

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    England, Spain, Brazil in that order.

    England have performed well under Capello and I reckon he'll be the one who can take us to the final, plus we have some top players like Terry, A Cole, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney etc. Spain are an excellent team with a fantastic midfield (Xavi and Iniesta are one of the best pairs in football) and Torres is an excellent striker, they certainly are the favourites and will be tough to beat. Brazil aren't as good as they were and aren't comfortable with the new ball so may struggle but will definitely be a team to watch out for.

    Argentina may do the business as well.

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    im not so sure about england, although they have a great team they havent spent alot of time in SA getting aclimatised. Granted it doesnt sound like a big deal but the heat and altitude could play havok on them. And while brazil may have problems with the ball they have been over there getting used to it. But yeah this world cup should be a good one, and i just landed a job in a bookies so hopefully ill get to watch all the games

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    There was an article on yahoo were the latest FIFA game predicted that Spain would win over Brazil in the final game. Brazil is a great team but i'm going with Germany to win the Cup.

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    I don't think Spain will win it, mainly because of their history of choking in the World Cup. Brazil, even with a weaker team, usually wins it every other year so they have to be favorites. Uruguay could shock if Forlan just goes nuts on everyone (unlikely they'll make it that far though). Ivory Coast is my choices of an African team that could go far into the tournament.

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    yeah hopefully drogbas abscence wont hurt the ivory coast to much. i think this world cup is really going to be interesting as there are alot of strong teams. ohh fun fact about germany, in the 2002 world cup only 2 players scored against germany, Ronaldo was one, now can anyone tell me who the other one was without googling it

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    ^^Robbie Keane.

    Drogba's absence could hurt the Ivory Coast, they'll still be good without him but he is their best striker. Remember they are in a group of death with Brazil and Portugal, a difficult group with Drogba, that said I hope they beat Portugal and claim second in the group.

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    yup Robbie Keane XD

    Yeah hopefully ivory coast will do well, they normally tend to be the whipping boys, but they do have a decent enough squad.
    Not even a week to go till the opening match SA v Fra. Come on SA

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMcAwesome View Post
    yup Robbie Keane XD

    Yeah hopefully ivory coast will do well, they normally tend to be the whipping boys, but they do have a decent enough squad.
    Not even a week to go till the opening match SA v Fra. Come on SA
    They used to be whipping boys, now they are considered to be the best team in Africa (except possibly for Ghana). In recent years they have been fielding a fantastic team with Eboue, Toure, Yaya Toure, Drogba, Zokora, Dindane, Kalou etc.

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