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Thread: Umm... Hi there

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    Default Umm... Hi there

    I'm SouthPaw and I am quite the shy fella when it comes to first impressions:sweatdrop, but I will try to explain a bit about myself here, now.

    You may have noticed, but I'm also a furry and enjoy doing anthro/diaperfur art myself from time to time. (Thats all though, I don't really see myself doing that fursuiting stuff) My favourite choice of diaper to wear would be a disposable however I rarely often get to enjoy them as I still live with my family who constantly feel the need to bring their boyfreind/girlfreinds over everyday. The relatives that I live with do know about my furry, diaper and bondage fantasies but it wasnt' really my choice for them to know.

    I guess I'll leave it at that for now so thanks for taking the time to read this. My tail is swishing in the hopes that some of you will find me as a descent freind as I have never really spoken to people with similar interests. =3

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    Well if you are a registered member of Furaffinity here is my FA agallery, which has a few of my old works, not too old but not enough to call recent.

    Artwork Gallery for FuzzyWulf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    Hey, welcome to ADISC, hope you feel at home here. Its good to see more people from the UK too. What hobbies are you into other than your art?
    Hope to see you around the forums

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    Cheers Coyote! Other hobbies eh... hmmm. Every now and then a mate I met on my previouse college course invites me to his place and we do a sort of duo commentary playthrough of games and then he uploads those vids on a shared youtube account which I won't name for the moment because I really hope to keep those type of things seperate to my fetish life for understandable reasons. I also use to do skateboarding but that was way back in my school years, I was actually pretty good but then like most Brits I just got a little lazy. I guess it helps that we have Gock Wan lol! Another hobby of mine is wathcing anime and since I don't watch TV (lack of liscence for 3 years will probs do this to you) I can just search online for the best or most popular out there. One Piece is a favourite of mine, personally the best and most creative anime I've seen to date. I only like watching the the subbed episodes though but FUNimation dubs is the best way to go if you can't stand subtitles.

    Well I can't think of anymore details of my interests so I hope that filled you in about myself.

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    Welcome to the Form Southpaw, Hope you like it here

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    Cheers a bunch, mtdl84 =3 I'm just browsing stuff here to get the feel of this community and so far it's pretty all right.

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you like the place. Congratulations on finding the IRC as well. See you around

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    Cheers, Trevor. I'm more than happy to discover different features on a newfound website, otherwise it would seem as if I'm just wasting space or other peoples time so I'll visit as often as possible.

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    No need to be shy here, this is a great place to hang out and if you ever have a problem that you need to talk about, post it, we are very good at giving support; Also we have cookies and :cake:.

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