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Thread: Despite their political differences, the 3 main British parties agree on increasing international aid

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    Default Despite their political differences, the 3 main British parties agree on increasing international aid

    Despite their political differences, the 3 main British parties agree on increasing international aid. Anyone has thoughts on this? Why are the UK political parties so enthusiastic about reaching the 0.7% GNI target and why isn't this the case for other nations, especially the US?

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    The 0.7% target is what was agreed by the UN as the percentage of a developed country's GDP should be donated by the government as foreign aid. It's a good target; realistic but also providing huge amounts of money to developing countries. The UK is currently at 0.51%; we're still a bit off but constantly growing. As the world's second largest governmental donator in the world, it's pretty significant that we want to go to that target.

    It's a shame the USA doesn't do more; they may be the worlds largest donator, but this only accounts for 0.18% of GDP and most of the donations are politically charged - one third of their money goes to Egypt and Israel, neither of which are classed as developing, and a lot of money goes to fighting the USA's war on drugs and terrorism (Pakistan, Columbia). I'm sure it does huge amounts of good but it could be done better.

    Props to Sweden - ~1.4% of GDP! More countries need to follow this example.

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    "When the going gets tough, Americans keep giving - to the tune of nearly $241 billion. Charitable donations for 2002 set a new high, rising 1 percent over 2001's total in current dollars, according to Giving USA, a report released Monday by the American Association of Fundraising Counsel's Trust for Philanthropy in Indianapolis. The estimated $240.92 billion in gifts equaled 2.3 percent of US gross domestic product.
    Although once it is adjusted for inflation the amount represents a 0.5 percent decline since 2001, it still shows "the resilience and pervasiveness of giving in our culture," says Leo Arnoult, chair of the AAFRC Trust.

    Most donations come from individuals (76 percent of the total), and some nonprofit sectors were hit harder last year than others.”

    Stacy A. Teicher (2003)

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    I constantly where these donations go to. So many times we hear of groups,orgs, and illicit governments soaking up these funds. Is it cash they send or food, water, clothing, building materials, etc.? How are these goods being used and to what extent (i.e. are there FEMA trailer examples of funds being used so special interest groups can take some of the cut)?

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    Hi all thanks for the reply. International aid like any business does need accountability but not just accountability to the shareholders but the recipients. It is right pointed out that unlike DFID where aid is promised to be only for poverty reduction, US aid policies is heavily tied to free trade and strategic interests. Yes aid as been misued but this does not deny the fact that aid can be a good vehicle in preventing extreme depreviation and conflict.

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