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Thread: Summertime and diapers

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    Default Summertime and diapers

    So it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and diaper wearers face a challenge in having theri comfort/need while trying to to feel sticky "down there" or risk getting more rash. How do to people--girls and boys--manage wearing diapers in the summer heat?

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    Luckily I have the choice to go with out. But if you must then the use of powder where the diaper edges are works for a while until you soak it with sweat. Diaper rash cream applied before hand works well but can be messy. Frequent changes & airing out is the best if it is practical to do.
    I do have a tip for the rash caused by the friction rub though. I found using antibiotic ointment & anti fungal ointment clears up the rash in a day or 2. The heat & moisture down there is just like you get in your sneakers & thus the same fungus as athletes foot. Lomotrin is OTC & dam near works over night. Every time I tried to treat the rash with out using the lomotrin it took a week to get rid of it Vs 2 days with using it. Summer heat sucks for diapers no matter what you do.

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    I have no problem at all with summer temperatures.

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    I think that unless you need to wear them, jus try to wear when the air conditioning is on. I only wear for fun, so in the summer I either just try to wear in the early morning before it heats up or when the air is on. That's my best advice on this. However if you wear for need, then you'll probably be better off taking the above advice

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    in fact i love wearing in the summer and find it easier than the winter - with the exception of concealment (which isn't a big concern of mine). but wearing shorts allows everything to breath better than pants as well as keeping them a little fluffy / loose which also helps with staying cool and minimizing perspiration. i always use plenty of powder regardless of time of year.

    yeah - i love summertime in my abenas and shorts - going to the ice cream parlor for a shake or dipped cone

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    I don't really like them but the breathable fabric backed diapers and pull ups are a lot cooler than the plastic backed in summer heat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by untrained View Post
    I don't really like them but the breathable fabric backed diapers and pull ups are a lot cooler than the plastic backed in summer heat.
    ^^^^ aint that the truth
    me i sem to not have an issue... if someone sees during summer idc i only care at school, plus rideing my bike is more comfy even though the diaper has issues working were i am sitting. though beach time i hate.... water plus diaper no thanks plus sand... ick but i really don worry at beaches. umm as for rash and that, i never get them i just don't really but if i do some loton clears it up in a day and there. so i say bring it on summer i am comming for you!!!!!!!!!

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    About 2 years ago I got a bad heat rash on the side.
    It was in a 'cloth-like' diaper too. While it was a one-time problem, I find it ironic that 99% of the time I'm in plastic backed ones and it has never happened before or after.

    Anyways, baby powder helps. Maybe tape up a bit looser than normal.

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    I really only NEED diapers at night (I wet the bed pretty badly), at least in the last couple of months anyway, so the heat isn't too much of an issue with me. Plus my family know I wear diapers so even if it's a warm night I can sleep on top of the covers without fuss.

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    Summer is my most favorite time of the year to be diapered, I would rather be hot and wet than cold and wet.

    I spend almost every afternoon until at least 5 pm diapered and wet.....

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