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Thread: The official Hell's Kitchen season 7 thread

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    Default The official Hell's Kitchen season 7 thread

    The 7th season of Hell's Kitchen starts tonight; i'm really looking forward to it.

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    Andrew - 28, Farmer, Wake Forest, NC
    Benjamin - 33, Culinary Instructor, Malden, MA
    Ed - 33, High School Cooking Teacher, Edgewater Park, NJ
    Jason - 37, Personal Chef, Suwanee, GA
    Jay - 32, Executive Chef, Medford, MA
    Mikey - 29, Line Cook, Kihei, Maui, HI
    Scott- 32, Executive Chef, New York, NY
    Salvatore - 35, Pizzeria Chef, Laurel Springs, NJ

    Autumn - 29, Personal Chef, West Hollywood, CA
    Fran - 44, Catering Chef, Rockville Centre, NY
    Holli - 24, Banquel Chef, San Bemardino, CA
    Jamie - 26, Sous Chef, Chicago, IL
    Maria - 24, Kitchen Supervisor, Scrantor, PA
    Nilka - 28, Line Cook, West Hampstead, NY
    Stacey - 38, Private Chef, Studio City, CA
    Siobhan - 25, Pub Executive Chef, Philadelphia, PA

    Winner:Becomes Head Chef at the Savoy Hotel in London, England.

    Overview: At the start of this episode, Chef Ramsay and the contestants introduce themselves to members of the press. In addition, Chef Ramsay promised the media that the first service will be completed. To help meet his goal, Chef Ramsay gives the contestants a series of video demonstrations on how to cook various dishes. However, these tutorials always began with a fire alarm siren, which sounded several times in the early morning hours.

    Signature Dishes / Team Challenge: Each team member cooks their signature dish for Chef Ramsay's approval. The team with the most approved dishes wins. The blue team won this challenge.

    Service: Beginner screw ups all around with Maria, Jamie, Fran and Stacey kicked out of the Red kitchen while Salvatore, Benjamin and Mikey kicked out of the Blue kitchen.

    Nominees for elimination:The red team was told to nominate two contestants for elimination; the team nominated Fran for being the first person to get thrown out of service and Stacey for being confused on Appetizers.

    Elimination: Stacey was the first to leave Hell's Kitchen.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason:"It's a good thing Stacey is a private chef, because her food isn't good enough for the public."

    Next Week:The Red team falls appart while the Blue team fights back against Chef Ramsay.

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    is Salvatore actually Italian? seems a little fishyish maybe :/ . Other then that it was an interesting episode, not the best imo but interesting.

    The one that said "Ramsey isn't personable at all" pissed me off a bit though, if you watch any show outside Hell Kitchen (and at times in HK) he is personable. Just hates hates HATES when people screw up

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    Default Episode 2

    Team Challenge: Shortly before 5 AM, the contestants were awaken out of bed by a sounding alarm clock, amplified with a microphone, and were taken to the kitchen for the next team challenge: each two-person team must cook four egg dishes in four different styles -- soft-boiled, poached, scrambled and sunny side up -- in five minutes. Siobhan, the odd chef out on the red team, must cook alone. The blue team won this challenge.

    Award / Punishment: The blue team takes a helicopter tour of Los Angeles and enjoy a champagne lunch with Chef Ramsay and Jean-Philippe on top one of the skyscrapers. The red team take a delivery of tuna and prep it for the next night's service.

    Service: During the service, Chef Ramsay threw Andrew out of the kitchen in front of the customers following an argument, for making too many mistakes. Andrew then began to leave the building, thinking that he was thrown out of the competition. Jean-Philippe tried to talk Andrew back into the contest, saying that it was Chef Ramsay's way of testing the contestants (like when he did the same thing with Andrea in Season 5, who eventually fought back. However, unlike Andrea, he was insulted and yet, he was not asked to leave the building through the main entrance), adding that many people would be in his shoes to compete. Andrew, however, took off his shoes and left the building -- and the competition. It was mentioned that Andrew's voluntary departure was the second of its kind throughout the history of Hell's Kitchen (the previous was by Jeff in the third episode of Season 1).

    Nominees for elimination: The red team nominated Autumn while the blue team nominated Jason. However, Chef Ramsay questioned the wisdom of the red team's nomination, leading that team to ultimately decide that Jamie was the worst cook.

    Elimination: Chef Ramsay, questioning the wisdom of the blue team's decision as well, overrode all of the nominations and eliminated Mikey, for struggling on two straight dinner services.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason: "Mikey was all about appearances. Unfortunately for him, it didn't appear he could cook."

    Next Week:Both teams fall apart and the Blue team gets physical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    is Salvatore actually Italian? seems a little fishyish maybe :/ . Other then that it was an interesting episode, not the best imo but interesting.

    The one that said "Ramsey isn't personable at all" pissed me off a bit though, if you watch any show outside Hell Kitchen (and at times in HK) he is personable. Just hates hates HATES when people screw up
    I think he said he had been here since he was 3, but kept the accent "for the ladies." What a douche.

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    I missed the last episode due to a party. Thanks Takashi for the review. I love this show so much, and it is probably one of the only great reality shows out there.

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    I just started watching Hell's Kitchen with Dawes this season. It's a goddamn riot and I love it! My prediction: Jason wins.

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    Episode 3
    Team Challenge: In the Team Communication challenge, teams must serve lunch to members of the University of Southern California Marching Band and Cheerleaders. The Red Team won this challenge in a very close finish.

    Award / Punishment: The Red team join Chef Ramsay and his family for a soccer game at the beach. The Blue Team don yellow jumpsuits and head to a portion of the Los Angeles River to clean it of garbage.

    Service: Before service has begun, Fran had burned a portion of her hand while carrying a large pot of hot water, and she refused to see the medic, thinking it would slow the team down if she had to have her hand bandaged. Holli and Salvatore have been tasked to act as assistants to Jean-Phillipe. While Holli has little trouble taking orders for the Red Team, Salvatore's inability to write an order properly stalls the Blue team and has Chef Ramsay screaming at him until Salvatore nearly walks out of Hell's Kitchen at one point. Unlike Andrew in the previous episode however, Jean-Phillipe was able to talk Salvatore back into the game, although Salvatore said that if the Blue team lost, he would nominate himself for elimination. Meanwhile, Fran's burn has gotten worse and Ramsay forces her to seek medical attention after he noticed her arguing with Autumn over the situation, while Jamie was having problems with the garnish station by burning the carrots and mashed potatoes. Siobhan also has some issues with cooking fish. Nonetheless, after a dinner service lasting more than four hours, both teams were able to complete service.

    Nominees for elimination: The Red team were declared the losers and had to nominate two people for elimination. They chose Jamie and Fran.

    Elimination: Jamie was the fourth chef to leave Hell's Kitchen.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason: "To be a great chef you need creativity, leadership qualities, and passion. Jamie had passion."

    Episode 4
    Overview: After the elimination sequence, Chef Ramsay pulls aside Salvatore and expresses his concerns about the latter's abilities while Salvatore promises to fight back. To that end, early the next day, Salvatore has Scott give him some pointers regarding cooking some of the dishes.

    Team Challenge: Similar to Season 6, each chef rolled a die which had letters on its twelve sides. Upon seeing the letter, the chef had ten seconds to call out an ingredient starting with that letter (unlike the previous season, there was no time limit on calling out an ingredient). The blue team end up with Halibut, endive, salsify, crab, peas, and bacon. The Red team end up with beets, shallots, mangoes, ham, turnips, and duck. The Blue team wins after Chef Ramsay notes the duck fat used in the Red Team's dish is raw.

    Award / Punishment: The blue team were told that they were going skydiving (much to Jason's dismay), but they discovered that they were going to be in a vertical wind tunnel for the day. The red team cleaned the entryway to Hell's Kitchen and prepped both kitchens for the night's dinner service.

    Service: Tonight's service includes numerous celebrities as well as special guests who will be using the chef's tables during this service. The Blue team's special guests are Debi Mazar and her husband, who is also a chef himself. The Red team's special guests are the host of Entertainment Tonight Kevin Frazier and his wife. Despite a slow start on Fish, Salvatore on the Blue Team is able to excel in cooking most of his dishes perfectly. Nilka also excels for the Red Team on the Meat station. On the Red Team, Siobhan mistakes lobster for crab twice on her appetizers as the bins were mislabeled during prep, while Autumn has some issues handling the fish using tongs instead of a spatula. On the blue team, Scott tries to control the service by telling other chefs on what to do, only to have issues with his meat as most of his dishes end up undercooked. Ed also has some issues with improperly cooked mashed potatoes. However, the service is considered to be an improvement from the previous night as it took little more than half the time than the previous service.

    Nominees for elimination: Ramsay appointed Nilka and Salvatore as the best on their respective teams. Nilka nominated Autumn while Salvatore nominated Scott for his issues with the meat station, despite Scott helping Salvatore prepare for this service.
    Elimination: Neither person was eliminated.

    Team Change: Instead of sending either one of them home, Chef Ramsay tells Autumn and Scott to take both of their jackets off and informed Autumn that she'll be working with the Blue team while Scott will be working with the Red team.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason: "After our best service yet, I've decided to give Autumn and Scott another chance. But they better excel or they'll both be gone."

    Episode 5
    Team Challenge:The teams had to make up dishes using pork and vegetables to make an exciting dish. The blue team won and the red team lost.

    Award / Punishment: The blue team took a day off at the spa. The red team had to go to the pen to give the pigs a bath.

    Service: Hell's Kitchen hosted a barbecue night, and had two servings, with the teams taking turns in cooking the menu and then working tables in the dining room. The red team experienced numerous difficulties in the kitchen, not helped by infighting among the team members, while the blue team did well in the dining room despite further difficulties caused by Salvatore's bad handwriting. When the teams swapped, the blue team proved to be little better at cooking the menu than their counterparts were. The red team were significantly worse in the dining room however, being slow to get orders into the kitchen. Maria, in particular got a lot of her tickets wrong, and took an order from a table that Holli had already took the order for.

    Nominees for elimination: Chef Ramsay named the red team the losers; both the teams had poor services in the kitchen, but the blues won out overall based on their performance in the dining room. Fran was named the best of the worst for her strong performance on the appetisers, and chose Maria and Nilka for elimination, but Chef Ramsay dismissed Nilka and nominated Scott instead.

    Elimination: Maria was told to leave Hell's Kitchen.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason: "Maria was in over her head. On garnish she was lost and her team paid the cost. That's why her life in Hell's Kitchen is dead."

    Episode 6
    Team Challenge: The challenge was to make meals out of the five mother sauces (Allemande sauce, Béchamel, Espagnole, Velouté, and Tomato Sauce) while also not reusing any of the other twenty ingredients given to them for use. The blue team worked well together; on the red team, Nilka selected her ingredients without first consulting her teammates. At the end of the challenge, both teams were tied at 2 because neither team was awarded a point by Chef Ramsay in one of the rounds. Ultimately, Ramsay decided to award a point to the blue team for Jason's dish, which was excellent yet unfortunately lost to Nilka's dish earlier. Therefore, with a score of 3 to 2, the blue team was victorious.

    Award / Punishment: The red team was punished by cleaning and preparing both kitchens. The blue team went to the 'Ye Olde King's Head British Pub in Santa Monica, CA. Each member of the blue team also received a set of premium pots and pans, compliments of Chef Ramsay. During the punishment Siobhan suffered an allergic reaction to the cleaning fluids and had to sit out the remainder of the punishment.

    Service: The blue team initially suffered from Salvatore cooking only one portion of risotto when two were on order, and then lying to Chef Ramsay about having done so. This caused Ramsay to furiously declare him untrustworthy. Other than that, the blue team's service went largely without incident; in particular, Benjamin emerged as a strong leader. The red team continued to struggle. After a stressful start to the service, Chef Ramsay sent all of the red chefs out of the kitchen while he, Sous Chef Scott and Sous Chef Andi completed the red service alone and without further incident.

    Nominees for elimination: When asked who the nominees were, Fran nominated Scott and then revealed that she was the second nominee, but admitted that she wasn't actually sure why she was nominated, or even if she was really the second nominee at all. This led to an argument among the team members, and eventually Chef Ramsay nominated Siobhan to accompany both of them.

    Elimination: Scott was told to leave Hell's Kitchen. He interrupted Siobhan's explanation of why she should stay in order to launch a personal attack on her, which didn't impress Chef Ramsay, and when asked to justify why he should stay, he started bragging at length about how he was the best cook on either team. Ramsay rapidly lost patience, and interrupted Scott in mid-sentence to tell Fran and Siobhan to get back in line, and then he finally eliminated Scott.

    Team Change: Benjamin was told by Chef Ramsay to fill in Scott's spot on the Red Team.

    Chef Ramsay's Reason: "If Scott could cook as well as he talked, he'd be the winner of Hell's Kitchen. Unfortunately for him, he can't."

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