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Thread: I guess it finally happened

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    Default I guess it finally happened

    If you have been following my last thread, "Had a great vacation", you know about my grandson's ordeal he is having with diapers. Well my wife called our daughter this morning to see how she is doing with her pregnancy, and she got to talking about our grandson (I will call him "D" because I am sure his mother wouldn't want me to be naming him on the internet).

    Last thursday was his last day of school which was a short day. Our daughter picked him up and as they came home, she stopped at Wal-Mart for something. As they were walking from the car to the store, D saw a fresh diaper in the parking lot that must of fallen out of a stroller. According to our daughter, he just became fixated on that diaper. She stopped and he did also. She asked him, "you really want to pick that diaper up, don't you?" He just kept his head down looking at it. She said that she wasn't mad at him, just asking him. He looked up at her and with tears in his eyes said, "can I mommy, thats not stealing"? She said, can we go back to the car and talk about it?

    Well she told my wife that in the car they had the best communication that they have ever had. D openned up to her about his feelings for the diapers as she never thought he would. As he was talking, she couldn't help but think; why am I keeping something so innocent and harmless as diapers away from him? It is not like he is asking for something really bad or immoral, it is just diapers! Just a form of underwear!!! So why should I not let him have some?

    So she asked him, "if I give you a diaper, how would you want to "play" with it?" He said he would only want to have it at nighttime like he was doing before. So she said, "ok, I will buy you some diapers but there will be some rules. You will be wearing it like it is supposed to be worn and not just "playing" with it or putting it in your underwear. But only at nighttime, I will not make you wear it during the daytime. You will use the whole bag of diapers without stopping. And the first time, I will put it on you to teach you how to do it. Because you will be expected to wet it like a diaper is supposed to be used and I don't want it leaking on the bed. So I will be seeing you totally undressed. So how do you feel about these rules"? (she told my wife that she wanted to make the rules like this to try one last time to discourage him if that were possible)

    He quickly looked at her and said, "Oh please Mommy, can you buy some for me"? So they went in to Wal-Mart and she bought him some diapers to fit him and even some added things.

    When they got home, he couldn't wait for bedtime, which is not like him at all. When the time came, she helped him get undressed and though he was very embarrassed for her to see him naked, she got him diapered. She told my wife the look on his face was a mixture of joy and embarrassment. She got him in bed and he must of had a good night because he didn't wake up as early as he usually does. When he did, she helped him get his diaper off, which was very wet, and he was very joyful all day.

    That night, she asked him if he thought he could diaper himself, and he asked her if she could do it again. She knows that he liked her doing it, and she has diapered him every night since.

    So it has been 4 nights now, and she told my wife that he seems to be getting more and more excited each night; he isn't embarrassed at all with her diapering him the last couple of nights. So I guess my fears about him being a conformed DL have come true.

    She is wondering how he is going to be with the diapers when his father comes home in a month?, that will be interesting. He will probably have used up the first bag of diapers by then, so she doesn't know if he will ask for more with his Daddy home. I will keep you all posted about this.

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    Props to D for talking about it
    Props to Mom for handling the situation very well

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    i am not the best at giving out advice but i would sujest that his feelings will not go away on this no matter even if u try to discourage him by stuff ,

    But Being abdl or dl is not the most worst thing out there and as said harmless

    best is putting guides or limits also make it so he can earn them and apreciate it ?

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    Well, he may either be a DL, or he may just be wanting the attention because there is a baby on the way. If he likes it when his mom puts the diaper on, it may just be an attention thing. But it also sounds like the talk they had where he said he likes how the diaper feels, contributes to the DL theory.
    It could be both.

    Either way thanks for keeping us updated.

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    Grandpa: please continue reporting. This really very interesting.

    What is D's mother saying about her strategy to get him to become dry again at night?

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    Since he is so young, I'm sure its the mom/son attention thing. But I'd definitely suggest telling her to stay the hell away from his computer when he discovers porn in later years. >.> But that is just too cute...That shit would have never happened in my house, even if I didn't have an older brother who would never let me live it down.

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    Hi GrandPa,
    See, young "D" finally found a way to communicate to his mother (your daughter) that he has a diaper fascination.

    Fortunately your daughter did not panic. Instead she did everything we have long advocated in When Kids Love Diapers. Your daughter used the evidence of "D's" fascination to trade him a bag of diapers to stop him from taking the health risks of touching or worse using a diaper found in a parking lot. D's mother also made use of the situation to communicate a few appropriate rules. Maybe before D finishes that bag of diapers the joy will be replaced with the reality on a boy his age diapers have social downsides. If D does finish that bag and then negotiates ways to buy more, he has proven his is already an infantilist.

    Now the good news is D trusts his mother, so she will be able to help D find ways to act-out in diapers in circumspect and discreet ways by using common sense.

    I assume D still has a modern waterproof sheet protecting his mattress, because all diaper systems sometimes leak. It is very important for D to learn to put on and take off his own diapers effectively. Fortunately these days cloth-like diapers with hook & loop tabs make adjustment easier than in the sticky-tape days. Chances are D is young enough he does not remember poly-plastic outer layers.

    Sure, picking up that parking lot diaper would not be a criminal act. Morally it could still be considered stealing. What sometimes happens is that desperate infantilists surrounded by adults who are anti-diaper, find a way to justify picking up a diaper somewhere. From there they might steal diapers out of strollers, then from packages in stores. Now crimes are being committed.

    The last thing anyone wants is for your grandson D to get the notion that theft can be justified because it is more convenient to steal diapers than buy them with the help of a sensible parent. Use this as a chance to help D find ways to earn his diapers, probably by doing age appropriate chores.

    All of these suggestions are what WKLD has advocated for nearly 20 years.

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    Afraid I have to step off the bus at this point. I had no trouble believing the previous related threads but this strains my credulity beyond its limit. It is simply too "on the nose" with the discovery of the diaper in the parking lot so closely following the build-up of stress on the subject. The daughter's rapid 180 degree turnaround and the story dialog type quotes just make it too much for me to swallow. I understand that unusual things happen and it's not impossible for this to be true but I find these latest developments impossible to swallow in the manner presented. It's an ABDL fairy tale and not the sort in which I choose to be involved.

    I hope this will not result in an argument as to the truth of the matter. I'm not asking for proof. I don't see how any could be offered. I am simply not comfortable letting this pass without registering my extreme skepticism at this point as I was involved with the threads previous.

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    So far things seem to be going well but there is one thing that is bugging me.

    In my opinion, she shouldn't be getting him too used to being diapered by her because if this does last and he is going to be a full on DL, it will get awkward as he gets older. If I were the mother, I'd start teaching him to do it on his own. He may like being diapered by her but I really feel it would be best if he learned to do it on his own.

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