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    Hello all. Just thought I'd introduce myself to the community. I've been interested in diapers since I was about seven. I don't remember the reasoning behing it. I'm not interested in wearing them, I just like seeing or knowing that a woman is wearing them. I had one girlfriend that wore them at night for night time incontinence, but we broke up because we couldn't get along. Haven't brought up this fetish with any other past girlfriends because I'm to nervous. Look forward to chatting. Bye.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy it here on this site. Do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share?

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    Hello Reysak! Welcome to adisc.

    It usually helps to talk a little bit about yourself outside of your interest in diapers when posting an intro, I mean, we can kind of guess that much can't we? What are your hobbies, do you like music and if so what kind? Feel free to be a bit of a narcissist, after all this is YOUR intro!

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    Lol. Just thought I'd mention a bit about what brought me here. I like any sort of thing that has a good story line to hold my attention. Video-games, books, movies, Dungeons-and-Dragons etc.

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