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Thread: RIP Gary Coleman

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    Default RIP Gary Coleman

    Not sure if I am not alone in this one but I remember Different Strokes, and Gary Coleman well.

    I also remember a few movies that Gary Coleman did as a kid, and I remember him fondly.

    I was surprised when I heard he died, and how young he was. He was only 42.


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    Ah, yes, a brain hemorrhage is a nasty little bugger. Was shocked and saddened to hear he had died. I was too young to see Different Strokes. But I know Gary Coleman, hell, everyone does. 42 is too young to die...

    Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

    I guess he finally moved on up to the Deluxe Apartment in the sky (I know, wrong show, but it's fitting)

    RIP Coleman, you will be missed.

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    I'm not that surprised that he's dead because of his kidney problems but I didn't expect it to be a brain hemorage.

    R.I.P. Mr. Coleman

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    I too was saddened. He lead a somewhat sad and disappointing life. It's so hard for child actors to make the transition to adult actor. Some famous ones have even committed suicide. In fact, the press said that he had attempted suicide at one point. As for kidney dialysis, you can live a long life on it even as a diabetic. I know of one woman who was on it for years and lived to 92. It just depends on how well the rest of you is doing. I think Gary had a lot of other medical problems.

    I suppose you all noticed by now that Dennis Hopper died as well. He was a great actor and director; maybe a genius. He will be missed as well.

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    I remember watching "Different Strokes" every week with Gary Coleman supplying many of the comedy lines of the show. Sad to hear of him passing at such a young age with so many productive years still ahead of him. Makes me appreciate even more to be alive and approaching my 60th year when so many others have had their lives ended prematurely, including close friends and co-workers, due to medical issues taking them at much younger ages. R.I.P. Gary!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon93 View Post
    RIP. May you sell your grills to all the people in the gates.
    Lol you're thinking of George Foreman

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazybunny13 View Post
    Lol you're thinking of George Foreman
    Meh, shows that I didn't know Coleman. lol

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