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    Guess I have to intro myself now...

    Hello Everyone!
    My name is Stephen.

    Been into diapers since I was small, no doubt like most of you, and have only recently started embracing it. I have a beautiful wife who likes to diaper me occasionally, but is a little shy of the lifestyle. I have been trying to come out of my shell a bit more by being the big baby I know I am.
    S'pose it's a common enough problem coming to terms with all this, but I would really like to meet people that won't judge and have enough common sense not to expose other people to the icky (read POOP) side of this fetish.
    I do like to wet my diapers, and I do not judge those that like the other end. It would be nice if you excercized a bit of discretion with it though.


    (Hope that wasn't too controvertial)

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    Welcome to the forums!
    I'm glad you have been able to find a spouse that is alright with your little side. I know what you mean by using discretion, there are some people who try to force their fetishes onto other people and they ruin it or the rest of us. Other than diapers, what other interests do you have?

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    I am pretty big into movies and video games. I love all the retro stuf though. Anything Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, etc.

    Absolutely love 80's movie like th Last Starfighter, Princess Bride, Tron, old Swartzanegger(spl?) movies etc.

    I work as an electrician now, but I hope to get into astronomy as soon as I can.

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