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    Hey guys, this is my first review so im gonna try and cover all the bases, hopefully i dont miss anything. I found these on Ebay in australia so i figured i'd give them a go. I'v tried finding some other reviews of contifit nappy's but the only thread there seems to be is people asking what the're like lol, so here it is... (sorry about the pics)

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    I was pretty shocked by the size of the pack when they arrived, and when i opened them up, the diapers are bloody thick, probably a good pinky width worth as you can see.

    They're completly plastic which would explain the realtivly cheap price, and this being the fact, they've got a very loud crinkle to them, too much to probably wear walking around unknowing family/freinds. Not to mention the great bulk they make under pants, much more than the depends or tena.

    Just your basic white adult diaper as you can see with wetness indicator. Looks like my terry-towel reusable when its on, with the bulk and thick plastic exterior.

    Ahhh the fit, well, they could have eased up on the extra plastic around the sides but once you've fiddled enough to get them on, they stay on quite well. The completly plastic covering means once those sticky pads are down, good luck moving them to a better position. I ripped the first few trying to undo them to reposition, if you dont press down to hard and are very slow, you can manage to unstick them but they're definatly not designed for this. The plastic also doesn't breathe as well as the other material iv had on my nappys (the cloth like stuff), there is slight elastic around the legs and back but barely.

    They dont call these MAXI for nothing, these things can take a hell of a wetting, time after time. These things will hold more than you need them too, then some, great for flooding.

    A pack of 14 will set you back $20-$25 aussie plus shipping which is relativly cheap. I managed to pick them up here -

    These are a great overnight/layzing around nappy but definatly not a going out one. I bought two packs and they're definatly going to get used but i dont think i will be purchasing them again, the plastic feel, (very strong) but single use tabs and sheer bulk of it just put me off a bit. I would reccomend these to anyone who wants a strong, super absorbant, cheap night diaper :-)

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    Wierd, I'm about to review the UK versions of these, and they seem different. For a starter they're green (but size large as well). And I didn't think they're were that absorbent, lots of fluff, but 2 wettings and thats it, and they stay feeling wet as well :S

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    Wow! I tried the standard thickness ones a few years ago (same supplier). They were medium sized, blue in colour and only folded once. They weren't very good. The padding shifted really badly. These new ones look pretty awesome though. Thanks for the review!

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    They look like a hybrid of Tranquility ATN's + Bambino/Secure Care because of the tapes haha, good review!

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