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Thread: Wearing Around any family?

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    Default Wearing Around any family?

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else wears diapers around their family? And if they know about it? I wear diapers arounds my grandparents. Normally when I stay at their house, I only wear a shirt and boxers with a diaper underneath. I don't really try to hide it, or try to
    show it. If they see it then they see it. I don't really care. I don't think they know but that might have noticed. Normally I take a shower with the door open, anyone who takes a shower there does. It's one of those nice ones that are huge without a door. But it's not like they can just see me. But they could have. Cause I sleep in nothing but a depends diaper then wake up, walk to the shower in my diaper and boxers with a goodnites in my hand and change in the bathroom right there in the open. I don't think they have seem me yet.
    Anyone else have similar diaper stories?
    (this is true by the way, no fantasy)

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    I wish I was able to be that carefree. My story pales in comparison. I do wear diapers 24/7 so I for sure wear them around my family. But I take extra steps to hide them. Also my mom likes to pinch her children's hind end so a few times it was a close call. The closest for me was a birthday spanking which luckily my wife protected me from.

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    Well I wear around family, but not quite that outright. I have a full set of clothes on. I'm not really that comfortable with them knowing, and I don't think they would be comfortable with me wearing around them and knowing it.

    SOMETIMES, I'll take the chance and sleep in a Depends only , but that's about it. Generally it's a Goodnite with boxers over them.

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    Out of curiosity what would you tell them if they saw you. Would you tell them the truth?

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    No, I don't wear them when I'll be about the house, but I do wear them in my room (which is where I spend most of my time when I'm at home). If the need were to arise where I needed something outside my room and I was diapered, I'd make sure to wear some jeans or shorts. But when I'm out and about (and it's not hot outside) I'm sure to be in diapers (or in female underthings. . . I do that too.)

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    I realize your situation is not identical but I'm going to refer you to this thread anyway as it covers a lot of the same ground:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamjust2 View Post
    Out of curiosity what would you tell them if they saw you. Would you tell them the truth?
    If they caught me wearing them, I would probably just tell them that I like wearing them. They are pretty cool and open about stuff. Honestly, if they found out, and I asked them nicely, then they would most likely just buy them for me.

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    My whole family know wear becuase i'm 24/7 I sleep in diaper with out blanket or I wear diaper with pant with out my shirt and you can see my diaper stick it not big deal for. I use my diaper for wetting and mess what family know about I mess my pant when with aunt all did ask me and told yeah and rolled down car window it not like made big deal.

    she even joke about what don't care becuase family like if fall on my but she will say at lease got know padding lol. All that see is a diaper as underwear the only different is diaper is your potty too lol.
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    yea i do it all the time, but i wear normal clothes over top. they're pretty unobservant, so they never suspect anything.
    i don't care if i ever get caught, id just tell them the truth and if they don't like it, then so be it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I realize your situation is not identical but I'm going to refer you to this thread anyway as it covers a lot of the same ground:
    I checked out this thread and it was very interesting. My question is are you really doing anything wrong if someone happens to notice your diapers. I understand that we do not need to wear 3 diapers and waddle around the house or mall in front of everyone. But being that I wear 24/7 for minor incont. (also AB) it is impossible to keep everyone from knowing that I wear. I cannot tell you how many times I have not realized that my butt was slightly wet (leaky diaper) or my shirt had moved so that others might see the top of my diaper. It sounded to me like alot of people would think that just because I exposed them to me wearing a diaper is not good. I feel that your choice of underwear should not matter as long as you wear proper attire over them. I am having a hard time expressing my thoughts in this but I do not believe that I need to spend my whole life trying not to expose others to my diapers. Although I would rather people not notice and leave me alone if they do notice.

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